sex gangster cums on her face

More than five years ago I did a brief survey of the then-available sex games. Then and now, it struck me that that sex games are an underdeveloped genre, with a lot of profit potential. But I haven’t really kept up with developments in this space.

I did recently learn of a freemium browser game (no download, free to play, lots of opportunities to spend real money for in-game perks) called Sex Gangsters.

My first impression is that it’s a brotastic male-gaze extravaganza of pimpin’ misogyny that wastes no time worrying about consent issues. “But other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?” What caught my eye (and my interest) are the game’s art assets. It proceeds from panel to panel in an interactive graphic-novel style, and by all appearances, there are hundreds-to-thousands of said panels. Despite the generally low status and poor treatment of women in the game, they are sometimes seen getting the upper hand:

two women dragging a naked sex gangster by his heels

The artwork itself is nothing special, but there is rather a lot of it. Although the Japanese were there long ago, this is the first non-anime-style sex game of its type that I’ve seen in English. I’d love to see something like it with a gender-egalitarian sex-positive storyline. A crowdfunding idea for somebody to run with…

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