I’m always a sucker for a good scifi porn comic. In Galactic Zoo, it turns out that the Greys are just minions for some lusty galactic slave catchers:

the grays are kidnapping her for an alien sex slave

galactic slavers admiring their sex slave catches

male and female abductees being hustled along to the sex performance and observation tank

The alien slavers have “expanding gel” that makes sure male captives don’t stay uselessly limp, and they are interested in observing human sexuality, presumably for commercial purposes:

aliens want to know if humans will breed in captivity

it looks like the captive breeding thing is gonna work

Their scientific protocols, however, leave something to be desired.

fucking on command for galactic slavers

And all that’s just during the transport of our unfortunate human abductees. They haven’t even arrived at the titular galactic zoo, yet…

Galactic Zoo
is drawn by Montal for Dofantasy.com.

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