I just posted an update (public, not Patrons-only) at the ErosBlog Patreon about my latest project, enabled by Patron support. There’s more detail there, but in brief, this bit of Lupercalia artwork at Spanking Blog triggered a research frenzy, one that resulted in my using a bit of Patreon money to order a book for scanning:

the whip and the rod cover

It turns out that there’s no easy-to-find complete set of scans of the illustrations from this book, and the scans that do exist are ludicrously low-resolution. 400 pixels wide in 2017? Really? Thanks to the generosity of my Patrons, I have the ability to redress this travesty, and so I shall. An inexpensive beat-up copy of the book in question is already on its way to me. Watch this space for a definitive set of better scans!

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