frontispiece from the whip and the rod, an account of corporal punishment among all nations and for all purpose, by prof professor r. g. van yelyr ryley

Back in February I mentioned that I had spent some money from the Erosblog Patreon to buy a scanning copy of a bit of 1940s flagellation porn that presents itself to the world as a work of “straight” history, apparently in an attempt to confound the censors of its era. For unknown reasons, no good high-quality scans of the plates from The Whip And The Rod seem to exist anywhere on the internet, so I thought it would be good to get a cheap copy of the book and remedy that defect. Below are the first six plates from the book; the 512-pixel scans you see are linked to larger 1280-pixel versions.

the roman festival of lupercalia

punishment in the galleys

the persecution of the quakers

the bastinado in china

madam lapuchin under the knout

the cat in the army

Larger scans (3840×6112 pixels) are currently available, but for Patreon patrons only. Enjoy!

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