Female dominant Miss Pearl writes here about her regularly scheduled kinky Tuesday night with her submissive, and about her demanding (and getting) something so transgressive that if I were writing a cheesy clickbait headline, it would end with “It Will Shock You!”

What did she want (and get)?

I also did what I have never done before. And it wasn’t something you would easily guess. No, seriously!

One hour of foreplay for me. It sounds so improbably vanilla, right? The sad truth is that life isn’t like those bdsm stories where the dominant always gets her needs met. The reality is that either sex has worked for me or it hasn’t.

It is almost embarassing that I’m almost a month shy of my 30th birthday and I’ve gotten so used to compromising what I needed that for all I can beat a man purple or tease his cock for an hour, asking for turn around physical attention was a taboo fetish.

So I stripped him and he and I cuddled up on the couch. One set timer later and he went to work with my body, all lips and tongue and touching…

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