banana eating limerick prompt

According to the January 31, 1920 edition of London Life (all thanks to Dara Howley from Twitter) this London woman takes both “her nourishment and her pleasures seriously.” (So much for any quaint notion that the artwork might have been intended to depict an innocent banana-eating, without sexual innuendo.) She’s the visual prompt for a rather tricky limerick contest, in fact:

limerick contest

This isn’t an easy limerick to complete:

She lives nearer Bow than Havanna,
Yet she’s fond of a juicy banana.
Between you and me
It’s quite plain to see

What say you, clever Erosblog poetasters?

Update: the word is back from Dara Howley on the line that did actually win the competition, although it means nothing whatsoever in 21st-century American English. We’re going to need a translator I fear!

winning limerick

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