We may need a music historian or an opera buff to fully explain the captioning on this one:

three women masturbating on a beach by moonlight

The three women masturbating on a moonlit beach (the nearest caption says Clare de Lune which I understand to mean “Light of the Moon”) are, I think, intended to compose a visual pun, with their ample bottoms outshining the moon in the sky. The moon itself is busy dallying with a tree branch; a nice touch, I’d say. But what does all this have to do with the opera Werther by Jules Massenet? One could speculate that there’s a Clare De Lune song in the opera, but the fairly shallow Wikipedia entry wouldn’t confirm any such notion. It remains, at least until my erudite readers chime in, a modest mystery.

In any case, the artwork dates from the 1920s, and is by Leo Berthie.

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