four bacchantes, one kneeling at the feet of the other three

A chance retweeted photo caught my eye and stimulated my curiousity this morning and sent me down a rabbit hole of provenance research.

four naked worshippers of bacchus on a bench

By the time I surfaced, I had discovered this rather astonishing photo shoot from 100 years ago. It’s said to be by Jules Richard, who is best known for the invention of the portable Vérascope stereocamera, but also quite well known for his erotic photography work.

four nude bacchus worshippers on a bench

Sometime between 1908 and 1910 (if the provenance information is correct) he assembled the four lovely models we are enjoying in today’s post at a museum-quality mansion (or a really-persuasive photo studio) for a classically-themed erotic photo shoot.

four topless bacchus worshippers in a fancy classical mansion

party girls for bacchus lounging in a fancy house

bacchante party girls sitting around with no clothes on

A bust of my namesake Bacchus supervised the entire thing with beaming avuncular approval:

bacchus supervises four bacchantes

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