If you do not already love the Internet Archive, you will start loving it very soon. What follows in three parts is a total of about 10 minutes of film from 1927 of a private harem cosplay party. It’s not explicitly sexual, although there is kissing. Nor are the harem outfits particularly revealing. But it doesn’t matter. If you ever entertained a harem fantasy, you’ll find much to enjoy in this film. The film, titled Why Girls Leave Home, was made by a wealthy and prominent Canadian timber tycoon with his wife and six other women starring as harem girls. Was this man a smooth-talking bastard, or just insanely rich? I guess “both” is also an option:

Synthesizing the captions at the Internet Archive with a bit of Google research, this film documents a private costume party at the Hamber mansion (called Greencroft) in 1927 Vancouver. It shows footage of Eric Hamber, his wife Aldyen, and 6 female guests as they dance, smoke, laugh, chat, and act out a harem love scene. Eric Hamber was first a wealthy banker who then got really rich developing his father-in-law’s timber interests. Later, he was the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia and the chancellor of the University of British Columbia. His Greencroft mansion, featured in the film, sold for thirty five million dollars in 2013, making it Vancouver’s most expensive house.

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