Bearing always in mind the ErosBlog editorial doctrine that perverts are purrfectly nice people: dominant nurse Chanel Preston has a treatment for that. A pervert treatment, that is:

the full pervert treatment for Rick Fantana at Divine Bitches: Kink Unlimited / Chanel Preston

The image comes from a Divine Bitches shoot at Kink Unlimited called Nurse Chanel Preston’s Unorthodox Treatment for Perverts, which goes like this:

Welcome to the Divine Bitches Reformatory Clinic. Chanel Preston, head nurse, administers a uniquely unorthodox treatment to the men consigned to her “care”.

Her patient Rick Fantana is a pervert. There’s no getting around this. He’s been in pervert treatment for over a year and shows no sign of improvement. Chanel knows it’s time for the next phase: pain.

Once Rick is fully restrained with leather straps and an open mouth gag, Chanel starts right in. Electric zapper straight to the dick. Caning all of Rick’s sensitive areas. Clamping all his bits. She knows the only way this pervert will learn from his punishments is if she mixes in a little bit of pleasure. Rick’s cock gets hard and drippy but he is not allowed to cum. Edged over and over again by Chanel, he whimpers helplessly.

Phase two of pervert treatment proves more effective. Chanel straps on a huge rubber cock and fucks Rick’s ass. This pervert quickly gets rock hard again.

After the anal pounding, it’s time for Rick to learn a useful skill: pleasing a woman. Rick is made to do cunnilingus on Chanel before she flips him over and uses his dick for an epic orgasm. Then she edges him some more, until he loses all control…

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