I sometimes regret that Kink.com stopped updating their Men in Pain site and instead launched Divine Bitches as their flagship for femdom. “Bitches” is a word you don’t see very often here on ErosBlog, because I don’t find bitchiness erotic (with a side order of “I don’t deploy that word lightly, especially against women I don’t know”). Not being aroused by bitches disqualifies me, I suppose, from the target market for your typical female-dominant internet porn site. It’s a pity, though, because those fem-dom ladies do sometimes have some cool costumes!

Case in point, Lorelei Lee and Felony, dressed as nurses from Hell (or, if not from Hell, then from the world’s most unsanitary hospital):

evil femdom nurses in dirty latex

In this little morality play, our evil nurses get their hands on (no, pardon me, in femdom-speak I guess they “dig their claws into”) Zak Tyler, who seems unaccountably happy. Perhaps he does not apprehend his true peril?

rubber nurses seducing their prey

You know where this is going, though. By committing poorly-specified atrocities upon his happy bits, it doesn’t take them long to turn that smile upside down. Talk about a rapid attitude adjustment:

male victim of femdom nurses

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