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March 27th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Kinky “Web Girls”

I have been saving the following Milo Manara artwork for a special occasion. The art originally graced the cover of a CD-ROM published around the turn of the century, and has been “cleaned up” to remove some of the commercial markings from the CD-ROM cover. “Turn of the century” is a rough guess, judging by the fact that the software supported by the CD-ROM included Windows 98 (released in 1998) but not Windows XP, which was released in 2001. In the artwork, we see a couple of lovely naked ladies in Manara’s trademark style, playing with each other via a HUGE (by modern standards) webcam:

camgirl art by Manara

You may be wondering: what’s the special occasion I’ve been saving the artwork for? In truth, I didn’t know myself. It turned out to be a request I received from Mistress World. They asked me to turn my skills at researching and porn art curation to the topic of camgirls, cams, camming, and especially fetish cams, which are their special thing and particular forte.

Obviously this is a bit of a challenge, since networked computers and webcams themselves date to precisely 1993, and the earliest webcam had a subject no more exciting than a coffeepot at the University of Cambridge:

first webcam of a coffeepot

History does not record the occasion of the first sexy camshow or the first kinky camgirl, but clearly seven years was plenty of time for the phenomenon to engage the popular imagination, if someone was willing to pay an artist of Manara’s stature to prepare what they would have called a “multimedia presentation” about sexy camgirls by 2000 (or so).

The 90s are remembered, in fact, for so-called “life-casters” — voyeuristic performers who kept webcams running on their lives, in the course of which they were sometimes nude and indeed sometimes had sex on camera. The first and most famous of these lifecasters was Jenni, who ran JenniCam from her college dorm. Later there were also AnaCam, DaniCam, and AtomCam, all before the turn of the century. But, especially at first, their always-on or most-always-on shows were only sporadically sexy, they were one-way shows with limited or no audience feedback, and they weren’t anything like the paid-erotic entertainment webcam shows we know today:

jennicam screenshot 1999

There’s some historical dispute about which of the lifecasters first discovered that they could set up paid memberships and extra-sexy private “pay-per-minute” shows to spin webcam gold, but it seems to have happened around 1998. By 2000 or so, certainly, it was definitely becoming big business!

Inject that kind of supercharged sexy spice into the popular culture and give Rule 34 almost twenty years to work its magic, and there should be a ton of secondary porn about camgirls out there, including the subgenre I went looking for, which was art (especially fan art) about camgirls and fetish camshows. I was expecting to find a metric buttload of it! In that I was disappointed; there’s less of it out there than I thought I would find. But I am who I am; my porn search skills are not easily thwarted. I did indeed find several nice pieces of fetish camgirl art.

The first of these is titled simply Camgirl, by artist Reptileye:

kinky camshow art

The next is a spanking extravaganza called “Put on a show!” by artist Mcrocks:

spanking camshow art

And finally, a bit of orgasmic pillowbiting for a camming audience called Inumimi CamGirl, by artist VeryMediocre:

pillow biting camgirl orgasm with tail and vibrator

If you know of any more camming and camgirl-themed art, please feel free to link it in the comments. In particular I expected to find fan-art tributes to particular camgirls, and in fact that didn’t turn up hardly at all in my searches. I won’t be at all surprised to find out that I missed some whole art community that one of you learned commenters can link me to.

mistress world banner

December 20th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Satanic Ass-Fucking

It wouldn’t be a properly devilish ass-fucking if The Dark One didn’t have a crowd of enthusiastic minions and groupies to help him, ah, prepare the sacrifice:

satan fucks a girl up the butt while a crowd of his worshipers hold her and support her on his dick

Artist is Milo Manara, and the art is from Porte de Clichy, a limited edition portfolio apparently inspired by Henry Miller’s Quiet Days In Clichy.

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September 23rd, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Dancing Girls Orgy Party

When these high-ranking military dudes get on an opulent galleon for a long ocean voyage, they like to travel in style, and they don’t plan on getting lonely:

dancing girls and sex workers on a big boat

Via Kinky Delight. Art is by Milo Manara.

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August 16th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

“Give This Fool Twenty Lashes!”

Based on an unsophisticated statistical analysis plus a few choice hints on social media, I have identified the probability that one or more ladies and/or gentlemen in the greater ErosBlog potential viewing bubble/area will be cheered today by these Milo Manara graphic novel panels of a handsome young officer receiving a briskly unjust military whipping. So, without further ado, herewith:

seize this fool and treat him to twenty lashes


a whipping with full military ceremony

slumped down or passed out at the whipping post after twenty lashes

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December 23rd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

“Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty!”

August 22nd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

“To Insult The Character Of Erotica”

I was bemused throughout my reading of this lengthy critical essay on erotic comic artist Milo Manara. In the end I suspect it may be true, as the essay-writer himself warns, that the essay reveals more about its author than about its subject. But it’s fun to read, and I think it may help explain why I’ve never really warmed to Manara’s work overall despite greatly enjoying many individual panels as works of erotic art:


His draftsmanship is beyond reproach, but to only study figuration is to value illustration over sequence, diminishing the function of comics art. Similarly, to only appreciate images of sexual acts is to insult the character of Erotica, which rightly encompasses the psychological textures of the sex act: the anticipation; the anxiety; the flight from one’s senses; afterglow.

By this tradition, il maestro luxuriates in the effect of rape. See how the above diptych appears on first glance to depict one continuous image, though on closer examination it instead shows, in panel one, Valeria gazing in abject horror at the weeping face of the man who betrayed her trust, worthless and weak, unable to meet her gaze, his hand laughable in hers, as panel two closes in, at dead center of the image, on the debutante instance of unwanted penetration, Valeria’s hindquarters enlarged and raised, beckoning to the accorded silent moment of a ritualized insertion.

In panel one she is not raped, and in panel two she has been raped, and will always thereafter have been raped. It is consummate comics.

July 15th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Champagne Room Bottle Party

This sort of carrying-on is pretty much the only way you could justify those exclusive-club bottle prices in the champagne room:


Art is by Milo Manara, from his Porte de Clichy erotic portfolio.

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