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July 15th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Lesbian Bolero Straitjacket Fun

If your kinky imagination was somehow failing you in the category of visualizing why it might be fun to have a straitjacket with no impeding crotch straps and no fabric hiding the wearer’s breasts and nipples, this photo of Ashley Lane and Bella Rossi from should help to jumpstart your obviously-sluggish mechanisms of visualization:


Of course that’s the patented Bolero straitjacket from The Stockroom.

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June 17th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Bolero Straitjackets Sale


I’ve previously mentioned the Bolero straitjackets from The Stockroom; these are expensively well-made leather goods designed to work like a regular straitjacket without (and this is important, you perverts!) impeding access to anybody’s nipples or genitals. If you’ve ever admired the Stockroom-exclusive Boleros and considered buying one, now is the time, because the currently-ongoing Dungeon Experience Sale has most of them (in black leather or red leather for women, and the black-leather-only model for men) on sale at a whopping 25% discount. (Not shown below, because not on sale just now: the perforated version for summer comfort.)



red bolero straight jacket for women

I’m not sure how long the Dungeon Experience sale is supposed to last, so if you are seeing the 25% discounts right now, perhaps best not to dilly-dally about getting your order in!

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January 27th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Lipstick Red Bolero Straitjacket

This luscious red leather version of the Stockroom’s famous and exclusive Bolero Straitjacket offers all the restraint of a traditional straitjacket with much less fun-killing body coverage:

lipstick red bolero straitjacket

Our signature Bolero Straitjacket is now also available in a soft and supple “lipstick red” garment leather.

Made of high quality garment leather, latigo belting and nickel-plated hardware,the Red Bolero Straitjacket™ is a fantastic addition to our signature line of quality leather gear.

Like a traditional straitjacket, our Bolero Straitjacket™ has a buckling collar and back closures in addition to the extra long glove-like sleeves that extend beyond the fingertips. The sleeves end with a small rectangular ring on one and a 1” wide strap on the other.

The features that make it unique are its cropped length and the vertically and horizontally adjustable chest strap which leave nearly the entire chest and back exposed. The proper positioning assured by the cropped feature and the adjustable chest strap makes the traditional crotch strap unnecessary without sacrificing functionality as a restraint. The two heavy gauge D-rings provide additional points for attachment.

See also: The Bolero in traditional black leather, the perforated Bolero for breathability and longer-wearing comfort, and the Bolero for men.

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December 24th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Stylish Bolero Straitjacket

June 12th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Modeling The Bolero Straitjacket

After last week’s post about his-and-hers Bolero cutaway straitjackets, you may have been wondering what they look like in actual use during bondage sex play. One of my readers (thanks, April!) certainly did wonder, because she went searching for imagery. What she came up with was a recent Sexually Broken bondage shoot starring Katrina Jade, who is wearing a Bolero for pretty much the entire June 6th session with two dominant men. Katrina makes wearing the Bolero look like a lot of fun indeed:





Gag and ankle restraints sold separately.

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June 6th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Bolero Straitjacket…For Him

Back in 2007, The Stockroom released a new breakthrough restraint technology in the form of a straitjacket with a cutaway chest so that you could still play with the breasts of your helpless captives while they were properly immobilized. They called it the Bolero Straitjacket and it’s been very popular ever since.

But what if your restrained victim is male? What about the people who want to play with male nipples and need a good restraint system? It took seven long years, but The Stockroom has finally stepped up to the plate and designed a Bolero Straitjacket for men:


Product info:

What’s good for the goose is great for the gander! We’re proud to present the long awaited Men’s Bolero Straitjacket™ from our kinky in-house workshop directly into – and over – your loving arms.

One of our most unique and sought-after creations, the original Bolero Straitjacket was granted a patent recognizing the unique usefulness of the design, permitting an examiner to take vital measurements and administer treatments which require a bare chest, while the patient is still able to stand and move with restrained arms and hands. Of course, our purposes are usually a little more nefarious than those of most general practitioners, so our straitjacket has a few additional design features that cater to the fashion-conscious fetishist.

The relaxed, curved elbow design eliminates unsightly bunching and bulk when arms are bent, so you’ll look your best no matter what. There are multiple attachment points for all kinds of bondage possibilities, as well as fastening straps and buckles to make sure anyone who’s locked into this bolero isn’t getting out before they’ve been thoroughly scrutinized and cleared for release.

The cut of this jacket is designed to frame the wearer in the most flattering possible style, for a look and feel somewhere between a traditional leather straitjacket and a men’s chest harness. Whether you’re wearing this for play or just for show, you’re bound to turn all the heads around you in this enticing new ensemble.

You might need clothespins and prickly things to go with it…

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February 25th, 2010 -- by Bacchus

Dancing To Bolero

Yesterday Dr. Faustus brought out the harem dancers at Erotic Mad Science, so I thought I should throw up this old album cover art in honor of the festivities:

dancing girl album cover