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October 1st, 2008 -- by Bacchus

Public Disgrace

Remember about two weeks ago, when I mentioned the new public bondage site, coming from our kinky friends at

Well, Public Disgrace is now live, and looks to be living up to (some of) its promises.

About half the pictures in the sample galleries are close-in shots of hardcore bondage sex in what look to be protected, semi-outdoor spaces. To be honest, those aren’t terribly interesting to me, because I have a harder time with suspension of disbelief, and so there isn’t a lot of newness there. To me it’s “just porn”, with (by 21st century standards) no particularly transgressive edge.

On the other hand, I find the soft-core “pure” public bondage shots to be more interesting, because they seem to occur in genuinely public settings, complete with interested onlookers:

chained to a light pole in public bondage

gagged and shackled bondage in public gardens

exposed in bondage by a busy street

I will confess I find the branding for this new site a little confusing. If the goal is, to use their words, “unique street scenes of erotic humiliation”, what’s disgraceful about that? If the fantasy of a woman in chains is that she has to do what you make her do, I get that she may be embarrassed or humiliated by the public exposure, but I don’t see any disgrace in it; to me, disgrace connotes an aspect of guilt or sin or wrongdoing or bad behavior, and one of the essential transactions at the core of BDSM is that the submissive is liberated of responsibility for the things he or she is “made” to do. Hence, no disgrace. Unless the disgrace is supposed to be in the eye of the beholder, the putative onlooker shouting “that’s disgraceful!” or getting violent, like this guy?

September 28th, 2011 -- by Bacchus

Cutie In Public Bondage

It’s been awhile since I posted any Public Disgrace material, for the simple reason that the site has a three-part formula of which really only one part amuses me. They mix light-hearted, mostly-clothed, genuinely-public bondage kink on the streets (the part I sometimes like) with hard-core bondage sex in controlled spaces adjacent to public spaces but mostly not visible from them (ho-hum, though I can respect the technical production challenges) and with gang-bangy kink sequences in controlled interior venues with a lot of spectators (does nothing for me, although it was apparently so popular in general that was moved to start another site called Bound Gangbangs that features it exclusively).

I was moved to post these few pictures (from the light/clothed/public bondage part of the formula) from a recent shoot, nonetheless, because I find the model, Dulce Mariposa, to be almost inexpressibly cute:

Dulce Mariposa on the street with her hands tied and a whip in her teeth

Dulce Mariposa crawling on a busy public street wearing shackles and a spreader bar

Dulce Mariposa stripped of her shirt and leashed in public

There are some more free samples (pictures and movie clips) here.

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October 14th, 2010 -- by Bacchus

Bound In Public

I learned today (this did not require prize-winning investigative journalism, I got an email) that has released its latest new site. The new one is Bound in Public, which looks to be a gay male public bondage / public sex offering in the same mold as Public Disgrace, only with guys on the leashes instead of girls.

Some samples from one of their early galleries:

gay man in public bondage

gay male bound in public

leashed gay bondage slaves in public

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September 17th, 2008 -- by Bacchus

Public Kink

Bondage Blog, which can be trusted to stay on top of important developments in the kinky porn department, reports here on the newest project from It’s a public bondage extravaganza by the name of Public Disgrace, and it’s going to make a lot of you think you’re not living in the right cities:

leashed and shackled in public bondage

tied and fisted against a dirty wall as people go by

tied to a very public bench on the sidewalk next to traffic

Site goes live on October 1, but there’s a preview shoot you can buy if you just can’t wait.

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August 21st, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Eat It: Or Wear It On Your Head

leash and ring gag but he bought her ice cream anyway

So, just another sunny day in Barcelona, walking your slave on a leash. Why would you stop to buy her an ice cream cone? How is she going to eat it?

eat it or wear it


ring gagged slave girl with an ice cream cone on her head

humiliated slave with ice cream melting on her head as she walks on a public street in spain

To me the funniest part of this whole scene is the detail from one of the pictures — blown up here for you — showing the look of outrage on the face of the dude who sold the ice cream when he sees WTF they just did with it:

outrage of an ice cream seller at wasted product

Photos are from a recent shoot in Barcelona for Public Disgrace, which is now one of the channels included in Kink Unlimited, the product where you get all of’s sites (now called “channels”) for one monthly subscription price. (As it happens they are currently having a 20th-anniversary sale; their first site ( opened back in 1997.)

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December 8th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Kink University

101 basics of your latex fetish

Since at least 2012 the handwriting has been on the wall at the financial future of kinky porn does not actually feature a narrow focus on making and selling the stuff. A couple of months ago the handwriting started glowing more brightly, as the company stopped production on a couple of its most controversial sites and revamped another one to emphasize its consensual/fantasy theme. As CEO Peter Acworth explained to Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon, he’s aiming to turn Kink into a lifestyle brand with an educational mission to “demystify alternative sexuality.”

How does a company make money in the kinky-demistification business? Peter didn’t sound entirely certain in his October interview, and I doubt he’s any more certain now. But one of the many parallel efforts is one that I quite like: a series of kink-education videos that look every bit as slick as the company’s porn, packaged under the Kink University brand:

kink university logo and banner

Since August the new site has been posting weekly kink-educational videos featuring the company’s attractive models and deeply-experienced BDSM talent. Subject matter is diverse but the focus seems to be on the fundamentals of whatever kinky practice is explored. Some examples of the video tutorial titles include:

The photos illustrating this post are from Latex Fetish: Wearing, Care and Feeding. The video tutorial opens like any video class you may ever have taken: “Hello, my name is Mistress Snow Mercy and and here at Kink University I’m going to teach you the basics of how to wear and care for your latex…”

how to put on and smooth your latex clothing

(What? You don’t own any latex? Boy howdy, do I have a link for you!)

The Kink University business model defaults to your basic inexpensive $19.00 recurring monthly membership, which in effect prices each tutorial below five bucks and also gives you access to members-only live-streamed workshops. But if you just want to view a single tutorial, it’s possible to buy each one separately via Kink On Demand, for prices mostly in the $5-$10 range (and upwards).

how to care for your latex fetish clothing

Will people pay for basic fetish education? I can’t see why not. Presented this way it’s both attractive and entertaining. Professional and explicit kink education video is not a thing there’s much of on the web, and people have a hunger to learn, especially when they are new to their kinks. Watching straight-up porn to learn an unfamiliar kink is a poor plan, because good fetish porn typically shows off fetish practice at a high expert level, what Dan Savage calls “black diamond” kinky sex. (Bad fetish porn? Let’s not even go there.) As anybody who has ever fumbled a knot in the heat of kinky passion can tell you, learning-by-doing also has limits! (Although it’s usually fun anyway.) So, yes, I think these fetish educations videos may find a market.

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January 20th, 2013 -- by Bacchus

Yet Another “Shooting For” Story

And here’s another one. This guy signed up as an extra for one of the massive indoor-gangbang sequences at Public Disgrace, and found it to be ethical porn-making in action. His report is called Liking Porn And Loving Women: My Day As An Ethical Porn Star; he’s got a lot to say, but this is from near the end:

Princess Donna ripped the clothing off the models and encouraged the audience to do all sorts of nasty things to them. Her commands carried over the crowd as she busted out all manner of kinky sex devices. Fairly close attention was paid to the models’ well-being, but the check-ins were so subtle that I doubt the audience even noticed. Whenever either woman approached her breaking point, Donna carved a path toward the exit and let them go on break.

I don’t have any regrets about participating in Public Disgrace. Because it showed me that ethical pornography is a real thing that can empower its participants. And because it let me see that porn stars are just, well, people — people who enjoy getting naked and having sex who just so happen to get paid for it.

Even with all my nervousness leading up to the shoot, Public Disgrace was still an unforgettable experience and I’d probably do it again.

There’s something deliciously seedy about his photo of the accoutrements marshalled for the Public Disgrace production. It reminds me of an atmospheric shot for a horror movie or for the interrogation scene in an old war movie, but here it’s just a “get the supplies laid out” bit of movie-making practicality:

bondage toys from a Public Disgrace gangbang shoot

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