I’ve long maintained that a responsible porn consumer should pay attention — when possible — to the business and employment practices of the people who make the porn. Not all pornographers are created equal. And who has a better view than their models?

Thus it is that I enjoy hearing from models at Kink.com (a long-time ErosBlog favorite), especially when they confirm my own prejudices. (Can there be any human pleasure more sweet than having cherished notions confirmed?)

Maggie Mayhem in a shoot for The Training of O from Kink.com

You can imagine, therefore, the twin delights I experienced when I stumbled over the excellent blog by Miss Maggie Mayhem (how have I missed it?) and found the following paragraph under the heading Things I loved: 2009:

Kink.Com has been one place that feels more and more like home for me every time I visit. Working for their sites means being well cared for by intelligent people who are all passionate about sexuality. Not once did my request for a condom get snubbed or looked down upon, not once did my need for a break result in a sneer, and there was always a friendly production assistant ready with a fuzzy robe and a hug. When you get your porn from Kink.Com you’re getting it from good people who treat their models with respect. I was very happy to work with them throughout 2009 and I look forward to many more years and shoots there.

Image credit: The Training of O.

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