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April 7th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Pantyhose Textures And Patterns

If your pantyhose fetish extends to girls wearing hose in unusual colors and patterns, then Panty Hose Colors is the site for you. I think this girl is going for a sort of Russian-apartment urban-camouflage effect:

camouflage pantyhose

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April 6th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Photoshopped Helplessness

I blogged long ago about an infamous photoshopped porn picture that was always named “stumpy.jpg” after the girl appearing in it whose legs had been photoshopped into amputation stumps. This sort of amputee-fetish photoshopped porn is hardly new, but it’s sort of rare due to the oddity of its fetish niche and the work involved in generating a good ‘shop. (Note: there is also real amputee fetish porn out there, but that’s a whole ‘nuther post.)

Here’s an image on Tumblr that shows before-and-after views of a blowjob photo. It struck me as odd because in the unaltered picture, the woman is held by her ponytail while giving a bondage blowjob; while in the modified version, her limbs (and the bondage) have been removed. Fetish is as fetish does, I suppose, but my instant thought was “What, she wasn’t helpless enough for you already?”

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April 5th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

More Sex Blog History

Following up on my post about sex blog history (and my semi-dubious claim to have invented the “sex blogging” notion, even though I’ve always acknowledged that others were doing it long before me, under different names) here’s what I said last week:

Susannah Breslin’s blog The Reverse Cowgirl’s Blog (which you might or might not consider a sex blog, though it had a lot of sex-blog-like content, and rocked the subtitle “in which a writer attempts to justify the enormity of her porn collection” ) got started a month plus five days before ErosBlog did. That’s why I have always acknowledged that blog as a possible contender for “the first sex blog” even though nobody called it a sex blog before I first coined the phrase.

Here’s what Susannah has to say about that:

As I pointed out on Twitter this morning, I was preceded in sex blogging by Daze Reader, whose first blog post dates back to May 2002. I didn’t launch The Reverse Cowgirl until August 2002. I’ve always seen Daze as the first sex blogger. I don’t know that I would’ve ever created my blog if it weren’t for Daze’s pioneering sex blogging.

In regards to Lilly’s question, would I consider The Reverse Cowgirl blog a sex blog? Yes. At the time, I was a freelance journalist and my primary beat was sex. I created the RCB to share my crazy life working the sex and porn beat, from Porn Valley to the Playboy Mansion, and I was intoxicated by the opportunity that sex blogging afforded me: an uncensored venue where I could write and express whatever I wanted — without censorship.

I am abashed that Daze did not come up in the “early sex blog” conversation before now; he was one of my inspirations for sure. I don’t remember him calling his blog a “sex blog” out loud anymore than Susannah did, but by any reasonable measure, it surely was. During that summer of 2002 when I was surfing blogs on breaks at my desk at my unrewarding office job — and yes, there was a logging Sonic Firewall device in that workplace, but I had the password and thus the ability to confirm that nobody else was logging in check the logs — Daze was one of my never-miss daily stops.

Another proto-sexblog mentioned on twitter as dating back to August of 1999 (!) is Debra Hyde’s Pursed Lips. I was linking to Debra from the beginning; her focus, as I remember it, was somewhat specialized around erotic literature, both writing it and collecting it. (Sadly, nothing of her site from before 2004 or so seems to have survived in the Internet Archives.) The most recent archived version of her “About” page says:

I’m a long-time blogger and sometimes podcaster. Pursed Lips is among the oldest blogs to bravely explore sex in our culture, a baby I birthed in 1999 when bloggers numbered around 200 people!

It’s astonishing how ephemeral these sites turn out to be. The Internet Archive helps a lot, but their coverage in the early years was spotty at best. And you can’t search it, so if you don’t already have a link, even stuff in the Archive is as good as gone in most cases.

Update, Debra Hyde on Twitter: “I saw PL as a sexblog, tho not sure the term yet existed.”

April 4th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Snowbunny Sighting

April 3rd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Too Much Cum On Her Face

No matter how professional she is, a porn star may still sometimes discover that there’s such a thing as too much cum on her face:

cumface surplus

Via Kinky Delight.

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April 2nd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

It Must Be Spring

It must be spring…because the naturists are out!

vintage photo of lesbian naturists playing out-of-doors

Since this is the month in which Arbor Day falls, I feel compelled to comment on the loveliness of that enormous tree.

Photo via Vintage Lust.

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March 31st, 2014 -- by Bacchus

The Menace Of A Ruler

In The Manageress, a comic from Dofantasy, this bit of schoolgirl roleplay is not what you would call consensual. She’s painfully clear on the menace to her nipples the ruler poses:

fansadox collection 99: the manageress

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March 30th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Aquatic Garden Of Lesbian Delights

Most people put boring old plants in their large stoneware planters. This gardener had a better idea: lesbian aquaculture!

lesbian aquaculture

lesbian aquaculture

The pretty girls are Pepper Kester and Sensi Pearl, at Little Mutt.

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March 27th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Anything For An Erection Like That

As I age through my forties, I encounter more and more women who express their sexual frustrations with some degree of honesty. The impression I get is that a good man is hard to find and a hard good man is even harder to find. Thus it’s my hypothesis that I have female viewers who will react to this brutal bit of old Italian fumetti with some version of “the whipping’s not my cup of tea but if it gets a reaction like that, maybe it’s worth a try…”

erect man whipping her

Via Spanking Blog.

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March 25th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

A History Of Sex Blogs

Speaking as the person who claims to have invented the notion of the “sex blog” and as the first person to refer to my efforts as “sex blogging”, I must say Dangerous Lilly has done a very nice job of pulling together a “view from 10,000 feet” overview of sex blog history in her article A Brief History Of Sex Blogging. I inspected each urge to quibble that arose within myself as I read the piece and in each case the only possible fair assessment was “if she’d spent the space to sort out that detail, then it wouldn’t have been a brief history any more.” I say, good work.

That said, I was a quibbler and a pettifogger long before I was a sex blogger, and some old habits die way hard. So here are a couple of points I would make about the older bits of sex blog history in her piece. (Everything in this post is “as far as I know” — it’s always possible somebody more knowledgeable or with a better memory will pull up proof of my internet wrongness, in which case, better history, awesome!)

  1. Susannah Breslin’s blog The Reverse Cowgirl’s Blog (which you might or might not consider a sex blog, though it had a lot of sex-blog-like content, and rocked the subtitle “in which a writer attempts to justify the enormity of her porn collection” ) got started a month plus five days before ErosBlog did. That’s why I have always acknowledged that blog as a possible contender for “the first sex blog” even though nobody called it a sex blog before I first coined the phrase.
  2. Before I ever came along, Violet Blue was writing sex book and video reviews for the Good Vibrations sex toy store as her day job, while posting handcrafted HTML pages by night that today look a lot like sex blog posts. That started perhaps in 2001. But I didn’t discover her actual blog of dated posts in reverse order (which she called “a tiny log”) until sometime in May or June of 2003, and the first post I can find in her archives is dated February 16, 2003. Whether or not you consider Violet a “sex blogger” before she started publishing dated posts, she was doing essentially that thing (only more and better) long before I was.
  3. I believe Lilly must be using a different definition of “sex toy reviews on blogs” than I am when she dates her oldest evidence of them to 2005. My guess is — and I haven’t asked her — that she’s talking about the current “manufacturer provides toy contingent upon a review, which review will also have the reviewer’s affiliate link in it” review model. Certainly I thought this was a sex toy review when I posted it in early 2004, and I didn’t have any notion of doing a novel thing when I did it. (Note that there were product links in the post originally, that later got edited out when the links broke.) At about the same time, I posted for the humor value about a review series in which one Cly Maxwell received “two huge boxes of [rubber] pussy” in exchange for a promise to review these fake pussies at the rate of one per week, which he then began to do. My memory is that the “bloggers review sex toys in exchange for getting them free in the mail” model got going prior to July of 2003, but it’s hard to separate in my memory the VHS/DVD porn review offers from sex toys, which may have been slower to arrive in the mail.

I’ll stop there — that’s quite enough quibbling for any mortal man. Kudos to Lilly for tackling a difficult bit of 21st-century cultural history with both brevity and aplomb!

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