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April 4th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Snowbunny Sighting

April 3rd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Too Much Cum On Her Face

No matter how professional she is, a porn star may still sometimes discover that there’s such a thing as too much cum on her face:

cumface surplus

Via Kinky Delight.

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April 2nd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

It Must Be Spring

It must be spring…because the naturists are out!

vintage photo of lesbian naturists playing out-of-doors

Since this is the month in which Arbor Day falls, I feel compelled to comment on the loveliness of that enormous tree.

Photo via Vintage Lust.

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March 31st, 2014 -- by Bacchus

The Menace Of A Ruler

In The Manageress, a comic from Dofantasy, this bit of schoolgirl roleplay is not what you would call consensual. She’s painfully clear on the menace to her nipples the ruler poses:

fansadox collection 99: the manageress

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March 30th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Aquatic Garden Of Lesbian Delights

Most people put boring old plants in their large stoneware planters. This gardener had a better idea: lesbian aquaculture!

lesbian aquaculture

lesbian aquaculture

The pretty girls are Pepper Kester and Sensi Pearl, at Little Mutt.

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March 27th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Anything For An Erection Like That

As I age through my forties, I encounter more and more women who express their sexual frustrations with some degree of honesty. The impression I get is that a good man is hard to find and a hard good man is even harder to find. Thus it’s my hypothesis that I have female viewers who will react to this brutal bit of old Italian fumetti with some version of “the whipping’s not my cup of tea but if it gets a reaction like that, maybe it’s worth a try…”

erect man whipping her

Via Spanking Blog.

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March 25th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

A History Of Sex Blogs

Speaking as the person who claims to have invented the notion of the “sex blog” and as the first person to refer to my efforts as “sex blogging”, I must say Dangerous Lilly has done a very nice job of pulling together a “view from 10,000 feet” overview of sex blog history in her article A Brief History Of Sex Blogging. I inspected each urge to quibble that arose within myself as I read the piece and in each case the only possible fair assessment was “if she’d spent the space to sort out that detail, then it wouldn’t have been a brief history any more.” I say, good work.

That said, I was a quibbler and a pettifogger long before I was a sex blogger, and some old habits die way hard. So here are a couple of points I would make about the older bits of sex blog history in her piece. (Everything in this post is “as far as I know” — it’s always possible somebody more knowledgeable or with a better memory will pull up proof of my internet wrongness, in which case, better history, awesome!)

  1. Susannah Breslin’s blog The Reverse Cowgirl’s Blog (which you might or might not consider a sex blog, though it had a lot of sex-blog-like content, and rocked the subtitle “in which a writer attempts to justify the enormity of her porn collection” ) got started a month plus five days before ErosBlog did. That’s why I have always acknowledged that blog as a possible contender for “the first sex blog” even though nobody called it a sex blog before I first coined the phrase.
  2. Before I ever came along, Violet Blue was writing sex book and video reviews for the Good Vibrations sex toy store as her day job, while posting handcrafted HTML pages by night that today look a lot like sex blog posts. That started perhaps in 2001. But I didn’t discover her actual blog of dated posts in reverse order (which she called “a tiny log”) until sometime in May or June of 2003, and the first post I can find in her archives is dated February 16, 2003. Whether or not you consider Violet a “sex blogger” before she started publishing dated posts, she was doing essentially that thing (only more and better) long before I was.
  3. I believe Lilly must be using a different definition of “sex toy reviews on blogs” than I am when she dates her oldest evidence of them to 2005. My guess is — and I haven’t asked her — that she’s talking about the current “manufacturer provides toy contingent upon a review, which review will also have the reviewer’s affiliate link in it” review model. Certainly I thought this was a sex toy review when I posted it in early 2004, and I didn’t have any notion of doing a novel thing when I did it. (Note that there were product links in the post originally, that later got edited out when the links broke.) At about the same time, I posted for the humor value about a review series in which one Cly Maxwell received “two huge boxes of [rubber] pussy” in exchange for a promise to review these fake pussies at the rate of one per week, which he then began to do. My memory is that the “bloggers review sex toys in exchange for getting them free in the mail” model got going prior to July of 2003, but it’s hard to separate in my memory the VHS/DVD porn review offers from sex toys, which may have been slower to arrive in the mail.

I’ll stop there — that’s quite enough quibbling for any mortal man. Kudos to Lilly for tackling a difficult bit of 21st-century cultural history with both brevity and aplomb!

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March 24th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Feet In Focus

Nice to see the camera focused on her important features, at least as a foot fetish person would classify them:

focused on her pretty feet

And I’m not precisely sure exactly what kind of alternative-sexuality footjob we got going on here with the dildo gag. But you have to admit it’s kinda cute:

penis gag foot job

Pictures are from the March 14, 2014 update at Foot Worship.

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March 22nd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Hating Porn Stars For No Good Reason

Here’s a really strong and emotional essay that looks at why people seem to hate porn stars so badly when they encounter them in real life. It’s all worth your time, but this bit on the horrible, terrible, stupid, and endlessly-debunked anti-porn “studies” really resonates with me:

It can’t be factual. The reason you hate us, I mean. It’s fine, not all emotions have to be based on facts. We’re human beings, after all. I just wanted to make sure you knew it couldn’t be factual.

You might think the thing that upsets you about us is that we’re ruining society. And there are studies. You like to start sentences with the phrase, Studies show that…

But listen. The facts? You’re going to have a hard time with them.

Every in-depth study that looks at how porn affects people ends up either supporting porn or rendering it neutral. Now, I know, I know, you’re going to say, “But what about THIS one?” and point to a study I’ve never heard of. It’ll say that porn is somehow rearranging our neural pathways or that such-and-such part of the brain lights up when we watch porn. But those studies are routinely debunked. Did you know that most of those anti-porn neuroscience studies don’t have much evidence to back them up? Or that they have leap-of-faith conclusions? Don’t take my word for it. Just look it up. Not right now? You want to keep reading? Well, all right.

So then you bring up the studies that say porn leads to sexual abuse. There actually aren’t many of those, and the ones that exist have also been debunked. Did you know that sexual violence is more likely to occur in places that have sexually repressed atmospheres—including the banning of pornography? And did you know that there’s no sociological data that clearly links pornography to sexual violence? Don’t take my word for it. Just look it up.

Not right now? Okay, okay.

But sometime, just take an hour—or even a half hour—and investigate that.

You know what? Fuck it. Ten minutes. Just 10 minutes.

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March 21st, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Commercial Censorship Of Porn

Pandora Blake (who produces Dreams Of Spanking) continues to write strongly and well about the risks of commercial censorship of adult material:

As a porn producer my primary experience of censorship has not been legal, but corporate. Anyone who creates erotic media and wants to find a way to make it available to others is at the mercy of restrictions placed by financial institutions, publishers and distributors. We might all want to increase the diversity of erotic material available, but however innovative we are, unregulated commercial bodies still have the power to control the marketplace.

The internet is an empowering, liberating tool, but the truth is that everything online is controlled by corporate entities somewhere down the line. Everything has to be hosted somewhere, and the online publishing tools and marketplaces that make distribution so accessible for independent creatives have lot of power. In the 21st century we may not have to be accepted by an agency or publisher to distribute our work, but individual companies still impose restrictions that control what can be published online.

Any erotica writer will be familiar with Amazon’s foibles when it comes to adult content – and the loss of sales many authors experienced when the online bookstore stopped adult fiction from showing up in search. Likewise, Google is famous for its adult content restrictions; you may remember when Blogger gave users four days to remove any “adult advertising” under threat of having their blogs summarily deleted. In its search algorithms Google has recently started favouring pages which are linked to a Google Plus account – where pseudonyms and porn links are not permitted, effectively discriminating against sex workers and adult content producers.

Then there are the problems that arise when you try to monetise adult content online. Paypal is famously harsh – and arbitrary – in its restrictions. Online financial institutions control our money, and they have the power.

If you want to sell porn or erotica, you can’t use Paypal, WePay, Worldpay, SagePay or any of the standard credit card processors. You have to use a specialist service that caters to “high risk” merchants (a category which includes gambling and porn sites). I produce spanking porn which is openly and explicitly consensual and ethically produced, but which sometimes includes severe punishment, up to and including judicial caning. Despite the fact that none of my work is illegal under the UK extreme porn legislation, it is notoriously difficult to find a credit card processor willing to handle transactions. Most billing agents that serve adult sites do not permit images of vivid welts or bruises, both of which are a common feature of my personal sex life, and therefore of the porn I choose to make.

There’s much more. (Link spotted via Violet Blue.)

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