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April 13th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Porn Sites And Stars

Several years ago, I had occasion to write that the best of the venerable internet porn link lists originally served as start pages for horny surfers, presenting an array of excellent dirty links in handy categories. It’s still true today. Although the site I was writing about at the time has undergone a rebranding and moved to a new domain, it continues to catalog the top porn sites at its new address:

Porn Sites And Stars front page screenshot

Under its new name and slogan, Porn Sites & Stars: The Best Porn Sites And Porn Stars retains its impressive porn star index, now grown from 11,000 to almost 17,000 performers. Models are searchable by their various working names plus gender, age, ethnicity, hair and eye color, and breast size. Successful searches return impressively-comprehensive profiles based on social media, news feeds, and other public sources, along with links (where available) to promotional material and/or sites where their work can be purchased/viewed.

Porn Sites And Stars also includes link category pages that feature capsule reviews and front-page thumbnails of most of its listed sites, which makes it much less of a blind click-and-guess festival for the curious surfer than an old-school link list used to be. The reviews, being numerous and brief, don’t brim with nuance and detail, which in any case you wouldn’t expect; but they are very handy for knowing more-or-less what you’re clicking into before you get there. And they clearly represent years of effort!

Among the recent features added to Porn Sites And Stars that make it truly a link list for the 21st century: a category of streaming porn video-on-demand (VOD) sites and services. What? You don’t have a porn channel on your Roku yet? They can fix you up! Another new feature: a well-populated category of free virtual reality (VR) porn clips. VR porn is something that first started crossing my radar back in 2016. While cheap headsets are now showing up in my local Mega-Lo-Mart, I don’t think we are yet seeing them hit the market in genuinely compelling configurations of quality and pricing. I expect to see high-quality headsets at consumer-friendly price points with mass-market penetration of those headsets in combination with must-have consumer applications (probably games and mega-hit non-porn media from big West Coast and Japanese studios) pretty soon, but I haven’t seen it yet. Once we do, all the porn companies that have been beavering away (see what I did there?) making VR porn and getting it into distribution will be sitting pretty. And the free VR porn clips category at Porn Sites And Stars is a very nice summary of what’s available now, if you’re lucky enough to have one of the existing headsets.

Bottom line: Porn Sites And Stars combines the useful features of an old-fashioned link list with porn site reviews and a porn stars directory, plus modern twists like streaming VOD and VR porn. Very handy and useful!

porn sites and stars banner

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April 12th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

“Made You Look, Hog-Face!”

In this vision of the future, there is no carnival or amusement park so bizarre that a warthog-faced alien festooned with biological eye-shaped cam-orbs won’t stop, do a double-take, and stay to goggle at a beautiful blonde human woman pleasuring herself on the fairway:

pretty blonde masturbating in public at a carnival amusement park science fiction fumetti cover

From the cover of Ultimissime Proibite #2.

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April 11th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

“Look At My Butt!”

We must assume, from her posture, from the proud look on her face, from the title of the book where this illustration appears, and most especially from the fact that the illustration is by Louis Malteste, that the young woman on the chair is attempting to show off some spanking welts under all those bustled-up petticoats:

showing off her spanking welts

The artwork is from Quinze Ans – Roman sur la discipline familiale suivi de quelques lettres sur les châtiments corporels dans l’éducation des jeunes filles et de Sonia ou la Belle Etudiante (1927). (Google Translate renders that title “Fifteen Years – Novel on family discipline followed by some letters on corporal punishment in the education of young girls and Sonia or the Beautiful Student”.)

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April 10th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Fatal Sexual Harassment, 1909

Here lies George Spencer, who died on his fifteen birthday in 1909, the victim of some rather spectacular office sexual harassment that culminated in a tragic and fatal accident that took his life:

sexual harassment victim headstone

Atlas Obscura has the story, although they make rather too light of it in my opinion, never once using the word “harassment” and headlining it “Kissed To Death”:

George Spencer Millet worked as office boy for a well-known insurance company in Manhattan. To celebrate his 15th birthday, a pack of stenographers are said to have teased the young George with threats of a birthday kissing spree, promising to execute their love trap once office hours were over. Later that day, they struck, charging lips first at the golden-haired kid who, overwhelmed and panicked, dodged the furies and fell on the floor, crying “I’m stabbed” before he collapsed, unconscious in a pool of his own blood. Confused and shocked by the tragedy of a scene that began as a Benny Hill chase, the office members called an ambulance, but unfortunately George died on his way to the hospital. The autopsy, conducted by a Dr. Lebane, the coroner’s physician, gave the final answer…the fatal wound was due to an ink eraser, a little knife shaped like a bloodletting instrument, that George had placed in his shirt pocket. During the episode, the ink eraser stabbed him right in the heart, and he died from hemorrhaging.

The ink eraser in question probably looked like one of these (images are from a 1909 stationery catalog published by the Collier Stationery Company of Keokuk, Iowa):

ink erasers

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April 9th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Distracting The Guardsmen

Anybody who has ever played any Dungeons and Dragons (or, probably, any other relatively freeform role-playing game) has probably spoken or heard uttered that immortal phrase “I’ll distract the guardsmen and then…” But how, exactly, is the distraction of the guards to be accomplished?

Methods vary. But here’s one surefire way, especially when discipline is lax:

distracting some friendly but not very alert guards with oral sex

Art is by Calm, whose work is Patreon-supported.

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April 8th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Banned From Twitter: Petticoat Upskirts

Here’s a bit of 1950s art photography that’s chock full of fetish fuel, completely harmless, and utterly banned from Twitter. I could lose my Twitter account for posting it there, just as if it were revenge porn or concealed locker room video:

mannequin upskirt foot and leg fetish stocking seams and petticoats

This upskirt photo dates from 1954 and is by photographer Vivian Maier. It appears to show a fancy display of clothing for women, with skirt and petticoat and hosiery and shoes on a display mannequin set on a glass base over a mirrored floor for the express purpose of showing off the hose and petticoats to better effect.

Twitter’s policy on “upskirts” photos, to be strictly fair, is that they ban them — and accounts posting them — because they might be examples of non-consensual nudity, with a human victim. In this “life-in-plastic, it’s fantastic” no-humans-involved scenario, Twitter’s policy against upskirt photography shouldn’t come into play. It ought to be fine, posting this photo to Twitter.

{hollow laughter}

How much do you want to bet that actual upskirt bans happen because of a cheap filter that detects the word “upskirt” (and variants) and (I’m less than certain about this part) feeds it to a hasty human review layer by somebody who might or might not look with an eye discerning enough to tell that the legs in question are plastic?

I don’t propose to try the experiment. Chilling effect, thy name is Twitter. The problem isn’t the perfectly-reasonable policy; it’s Twitter’s demonstrated failure to implement its policies in any sort of fair or reasonable way.

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April 7th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Topless Frenchwomen Fighting

The traditional slang for an informal open-handed fight between women — especially one where, at least in the male imagination, clothing is lost or removed — is a “catfight”, presumably because of the assumption that fingernails will be deployed and that scratching is likely. There’s a lot of sexism built into the notion of a catfight (cf. “hits like a girl”) but it goes deep in a culture where at least some boys are taught to make a fist and throw a punch while, perhaps, their sisters are not.

french women fighting topless

Be all that as it may, the topless female fighting in the September 1986 edition of Les drolesses #19: Sans dessus dessous from Elvifrance is just a bit more formal, taking place in a ring as a public entertainment with at least a verbal nod toward an Asian martial art:

bar fighting topless frenchwomen

topless french karate women

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