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September 12th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Scarlet Sade: The Mussing

When they first stretched Scarlet Sade over the big wooden “sex box” in the August 28 update at Sexually Broken, you can see that she’s quite game for whatever (and whomever) is to come. That’s before she’s mussed up:

scarlet sade stretched over the double penetration bondage sex box and ready for anything

But the shot I like is from after. She’s rather mussed up — and no small amount of sticky — but if that smile doesn’t say “Is that all you got, boys?” I’m not reading it right. Broken, gentlemen? I don’t even think you bent her!

scarlet sade all mussed up and still eager for more with a grin on her face

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September 11th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Well-Toweled Man-Flesh

When I first encountered one of these hunky illustrations it seemed impossible that they weren’t campy modern parodies of WWII advertising. But no, they turn out to be from genuine campy vintage wartime magazine advertisements for Cannon Towels. Click each illustration to see the entire advertisement in the six-part “True Towel Tales” series!

army day crocodiles keep out

alaskan aquacade cold water bath

what no bath salts

tank corps roman bath

hey turn off the water jumbo

buna bathtub outrigger canoe

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September 10th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Lust: A Conscientious Objector

disgusted demon

You just know what this evil demon bastard is thinking right now:

Lust! With fragile human females no less! What is the Dark Lord’s bloody endless obsession with lust? Always with the lust! Lust on Monday, lust on Tuesday, if it’s Wednesday? More lust! You know what, it gets old! It’s not even fun any more. Why couldn’t it be gluttony, even just two days a week?

Art is from the cover of Les Forces Du Mal.

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September 9th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

“Cuck” And Race

In several previous posts here at ErosBlog, I’ve commented on the puzzling and sudden resurgence of cuckoldry in the American political imagination. What a long strange arc it has enjoyed! First, it was a driving fear in the era when male control over the sexual fidelity of women had greater consequence in the realms of heredity, property rights, money, and status; then it was a slowly-dwindling sexual fetish; and modernly, in its resurgence, it’s primarily a political insult suggesting unmanly weakness.

Now comes Ta-Nehisi Coates with the suggestion that “cuck” as a political insult has a racial component to it:

Trump’s rise was shepherded by Steve Bannon, a man who mocks his white male critics as “cucks.” The word, derived from cuckold, is specifically meant to debase by fear and fantasy — the target is so weak that he would submit to the humiliation of having his white wife lie with black men.

I am not bold enough to challenge Coates on any matter having to do with race in America; he is a towering intellect whose facts — so far as I have ever been in a position to know — are solid. But this notion that “cuck” denotes a racialized cuckoldry is new to me, and I would very much like to know what Coates’ evidence for it is. But in truth, I can’t think of any way to just ask without becoming that terrible sea lion:

sea lioning

If you told me that Coates had a file folder as thick as my wrist full of racialized “cuck” usages from Bannon and his alt-right trash fire cronies, I wouldn’t bat an eye, anyway. Just because I’ve never seen a thing doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Even as I admit to a suspicion that Coates is double-counting offensivenesses here, I’ve got to wonder: have I just done too good a job of keeping alt-right nonsense out of my filter bubble?

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September 8th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Videos So Gay

From time to time, I receive complaints that the eros at ErosBlog is all a bit too yin/yang, too much lingam-in-yoni, if you get my drift. And it’s a fair beefcake; for all that I do my best not to be an asshole about it, I’m hopelessly straight, and you don’t write a sex blog for fifteen long years without sticking mostly to what you like. It’s true that you will find some gay porn if you tickle the ErosBlog search box with some gay search terms, especially if vintage porn is your thing; but you’ll come up especially short in the video department. Ten years ago I wrote a post about the unbearable linearity of video — and though my feelings about that have mellowed substantially since, they’ve not completely gone away.

So today’s challenge is to rectify that deficiency. We will reach straight into the warm cavity of the problem, grasp it by its throbbing little gland and squeeze out…aw, fuck, I’m already losing interest in this metaphor. Never mind, let’s get specific. Today’s plan is to visit one of the big tubes ( to investigate their offerings in the realm of gay porn videos. This is not something I’ve done before.

The first thing I noticed on the front page of Xtube is that they don’t automatically assume that your gender determines the gender you want to see in your porn. Instead, they offer you a handy selector widget:

xtube porn selector

Before you come through the screen to eat my face, let me concede that the widget locks users into the gender binary, although Xtube does have categories that are more gender-flexible. But still, the selector tool is wildly progressive by the standards of conventional porn “big business”. It was not so long ago that all surfers were assumed to be male looking for “men-doing-women” porn. If you were gay, you had to go to a different site, where you were assumed to be a man looking for “men-doing-men” porn. There was a thing called “lesbian” porn for sale but it was marketed to straight men looking for “women-doing-women” porn. That was it. Those were your choices. We’ve all come a long way, babies. I like the selector.

So, for purposes of today’s experiment, I checked the “I am male” box and that I liked male and I unchecked (sorry!) that I liked female. These simple choices delivered to me — no surprise — an endless-looking wall of extremely virile-looking gay video thumbnails, of which this is just the topmost little bit:

gay video thumbnails at xtube

I am ill-equipped to review the erotic qualities of the videos thus presented in any meaningful fashion, but a professional…tries. And one thing I quickly noticed was that there seems to be an active community of amateur clip-sharing. Genuine amateur porn is of course often simulated by professional studios and looks can be deceiving, but uploaders at Xtube have personal profiles and there are social media tools available, including comments, private messaging, and a gifting facility. All together this seems to have created a fairly vibrant community of amateur gay porn creation and sharing, which is particularly visible if you sort the gay videos by higher ratings, most views, or most discussions. Of course, as at any other popular tube site, there are also studio porn clips in evidence, at least as indicated by things like watermarks and those ever-so-telltale rented-hotel-suite shooting-studio backgrounds.

Whenever I write these days about free porn collections based on third-party clip uploads, I like to remind people: anyone you see at sites like this (except possibly the true amateur who uploads their own work out of sheer exhibitionist joy) still needs to make a living. So remember you are enjoying promotional content, and become a customer when you can. Find these models and studios where they do business, subscribe to their sites, buy their videos, support their Patreons, whatever it takes to be present commercially for the porn producers and performers whose work you enjoy.

September 6th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Mistress Kitty’s Pedagogy

Apparently, he’s stupid and he smells:

Mistress Kitty teaches a naked man that he's stupid and smelly

From a Private magazine, by photographer Trevor Watson.

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September 5th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Dirty Faxing

Personal computers leap-frogged the facsimile machine, which at some point became “good enough” for what they did and stopped being improved. You wanted better, you did it on a computer.

But what if that had never happened? By now, maybe this is what fax machine spam would be looking like:

color fax spam of a masturbating stripper

From the cover of Fax-Similé, an Elvifrance pulp publication.

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