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July 6th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Naked Lady On A Bicycle

Back in the day, when bicycles were tall and riding outfits extra-skimpy:


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July 5th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Zoom Zoom Boobies

July 4th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Her Milkshake

Yes, it brings all the boys to her yard:


From a photoset appearing in Nuts magazine.

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July 3rd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Noodle Goddess

There’s a sport in much of the southern United States called noodling. It usually involves shoving your bare hand into a submerged hole and then grabbing whichever of Gollum’s friends you find living there, right after said nasty slithery beast has just bitten you defensively. As for me, I have avoided the sport. Then, too, my understanding is that the dress code runs mostly to cut-off overalls and armless undershirts. But now I have some new data:


Now I may have to take it up.

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July 2nd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Throwing Clay In The Nude

I believe more dudes would sign up for pottery camp if they knew it would be full of dirty girls like this:

dirty girls doing pottery

Via Kevin’s.

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June 30th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Sex As Blue Collar Labor

This gritty panel may have appeared in a 1980s comic called Torpedo. Via Fifi:

sex labor

Her: “You won’t get anything from me!”

Him: “She was right. I gave it to her. She didn’t contribute anything except the raw material. I supplied the blue collar labor. Maybe the kid was pure ice but I was neither pure nor ice. She was an icicle but I rode her like a bicycle.”

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June 29th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Robot Glory Hole


The latest traveler’s tale out of China is of a medical device to facilitate easier sperm donation. It looks sort of like a kiosk with a mechanized Fleshlight in it:

A Chinese hospital in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, has introduced a new machine that makes sperm donation even easier- an automatic sperm extractor. The effortless machine features a massage pipe that can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. All the gentleman has to do is plug in the frequency, amplitude and temperature and off they go. It’s also fitted with a small screen for those feeling uninspired.

According to the director of the urology department of the hospital, the machine is designed to help individuals that are finding it difficult to retrieve sperm the old fashioned way.

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June 28th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Soviet Pornography

For cultural reasons that I have never fully understood, the Soviet Union was a rather prudish place, and with the disapproving hands of the state firmly gripping all levers of publication, there was pretty much no such thing as porn in Soviet Russia. However, it turns out they maintained a secret library of the stuff that they seized from the libraries of the aristocrats after the revolution:

In the heart of the Russian State Library, Marina Chestnykh takes the creaking elevator up to the ninth floor. She walks past stack after stack of books kept behind metal cages, the shelves barely visible in the dim light from the frosted-glass windows. This is the spetskhran, or old special storage collection — the restricted-access cemetery for material deemed “ideologically harmful” by the Soviet state.

She arrives at a cage in the floor’s back corner. When she inserts a key in the padlock, the door swings open to reveal thousands of books, paintings, engravings, photographs and films – all, in one way or another, connected to sex.

It was the kinkiest secret in the Soviet Union: across from the Kremlin, the country’s main library held a pornographic treasure trove. Founded by the Bolsheviks as a repository for aristocrats’ erotica, the collection eventually grew to house 12,000 items from around the world, ranging from 18th-century Japanese engravings to Nixon-era romance novels.

Off limits to the general public, the collection was always open to top party brass – some of whom are said to have enjoyed visiting. Today, the collection is still something of a secret: there is no complete compendium of its contents and many of them are still not listed in the catalogue.

It turns out that much of the material was compiled in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s as a private collection by a librarian who may have enjoyed special protection from the NKVD:

The collection got its biggest boost from librarian Nikolai Skorodumov, who began collecting books while at school and eventually became the deputy director of the Moscow State University library. Skorodumov led a quiet personal life, taking on his maid as a common-law wife, but his appetite for books was voracious. Interested in rare Russian material as well as foreign acquisitions from France, Germany, the US and beyond, Skorodumov kept collecting until his death in 1947.

How did Skorodumov amass such a collection when owning a foreign title could result in a Gulag sentence?

First, he was careful to frame it within the discourse of communist ideology, receiving documents from a variety of organisations attesting to its scientific value. Ivan Yermakov, the director of the soon-to-be-disbanded State Psychoanalytic Institute, provided one such letter in 1926:

“Sexuality demands serious and rigorous scientific examination, particularly as it has played such an extensive role in the evolution of culture and daily life,” wrote Yermakov, who published many of Freud’s works in Russian for the first time. “It is highly important to preserve the collection in unadulterated form as a socially valuable work.”

There is also a second theory. Stalin’s secret police chief Genrikh Yagoda, a pornography aficionado whose apartment reportedly held a dildo collection, is said to have enjoyed viewing Skorodumov’s holdings. Librarians believe that he personally ensured the latter’s safety.

After Skorodumov’s death, the NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB, raided his collection. According to a letter sent by library director Vasily Olishev to the Council of Ministers, a post-mortem search of his apartment revealed a staggering 40,000 items, 1,763 of which were “books of an erotic nature” while 5,000 were “pornographic or vulgar” brochures and magazines.

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June 27th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Why Rich Men Buy Boats

Yacht bunnies. It’s all about the yacht bunnies:


Image is a still from the 1967 movie Charter Yacht Party.

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June 25th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

The Google Shortlinks #Pornocalypse In Action

Remember last week when I blogged about rumors that Google was disabling certain shortlinks built using the link shortener, if the link targets were porn sites? Well, thanks to a pair of tweets from Rain DeGrey attempting to share a photo from, right now you can see that that little chunk of the #pornocalypse in live action. Here are the tweets:

And sure enough, if you click the link in that first tweet, right now Google is serving you this instead of the photo Rain linked to:


The only sentence in the two policy links Google offers that seems even remotely relevant is this one: “Do not use this service for spamming or linking to content that may harm other users.”

The modern state of Google’s anti-spam software: there’s a rule in there that assumes that porn and spam are the same thing. Don’t be evil? My ass.

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