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July 12th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Your Robot Girlfriend

You think sexbots are going to rock your world, here in a few years? Let me show you what it’s really going to be like:

Never underestimate the power of a tech platform rollout to fuck up a potentially good thing…

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July 11th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Use A Rubber

Who says to use it? One of Tom of Finland’s boys:

use a rubber condom prophylactic

From a German magazine that BJ recently sold on eBay for almost nothing.

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July 10th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Playing With LARP Boys

I think I’ve known one woman who liked to play somewhat like Miss Pearl does, but it was a lot of decades ago and we were all very young so it got expressed in a much more primitive fashion as a sort of teasing of the D&D nerds, not in a cruel way but in a “why can’t my sexuality actually be a part of the plot development?” sort of context:

Being a slut, in that awkward kind of way where I don’t actually get fucked all that much, but I play with desire, is hard. The attention turns me on. The sweetness turns me on too- I like watching them worry if their voice is goofy or react to me discovering something special to them.

I like making them feel good, with sincere compliments. I might have a predatory streak (worship me! worship me!) that goes straight to the core of my dominance, but I actually like LARP boys. These are my people. Fun.

But there isn’t really a space to say that you get turned on by the attention. It doesn’t make me feel like a piece of meat when a LARP boy carefully unpacks himself in front of you. It’s a strip tease.

And I won’t pretend it is not a delight to tease right back.

This woman I knew? She, too, would have played with LARP boys, if she could have got them, back then. Heck, maybe she plays with them now, or maybe — for all I know — she watches smugly as her daughters play with them.

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July 9th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Nine Censored Kisses Of 1957

Ten hottest censored kisses in Man's Adventure magazine 1957

In May of 1957, the very first issue of Man’s Adventure magazine (you can read the whole thing in the Internet Archive) published a story titled The Ten Hottest Kisses In History. In truth the “hottest” kisses were no such thing at all. What the story actually compiled were nine movie kisses that had been recently censored out of (mostly European) movies to suit the tender sensibilities of U.S. movie censors. (A tenth kiss photograph — the one shown in the story’s header, upper right above — is never identified or discussed in the magazine article.) Against this practice of censoring movie kisses, as you might imagine, Man’s Adventure magazine came out in cautious opposition:

Probably the toughest decision that every producer of Motion Pictures must face is, just where does the line exist beyond which he dare not go. That’s not quite as easy as you might think. Because the standards on which scenes are judged change, not only from state to state and country to country, but also from year to year. In addition, what may be fully permissible in one situation, would be unthinkable in others.

Even the judgments on what ought to be shown, and what ought not, are subject to argument. For example: are we right in attempting to divorce movies completely from life? Is it humanly possible to shield people from sex? Is nudity pornographic? Are Americans so different from their European ancestors as to make it impossible to show the former what every one of the latter takes as a matter of course?

We have a whole variety of censorship organizations, some legal, some unofficial, who attempt to set up standards for the public. Leaving out the lay bodies as beyond the interest of this article, we must still face such groups as the U.S. Customs, the Post Office, the State licensing Commissions and the various City and Town police boards.

We, of Man’s Adventure, are against censorship, per se. We believe that the Public are the best judges of their own desires, tastes, likes, dislikes, needs and interests. We feel that if the public has a distaste for any subject or scene, the resulting “death at the box-office” will do more to bring recalcitrant producers into line than anything else. We believe that while “sexy” movies would unquestionably draw in large audiences at first, merely for the sake of the subject matter, the constant repetition would soon pall and sate the taste.

On these pages, we are showing you scenes from ten movies. All of them have been censored out of the films as they appeared on your screens. Most of them are of European origin, though at least one is from an American production.

The question we are putting is not what the official guardians of Public Morals may have thought about them, but rather what you, the public, think about them?

Every single one of the European scenes was permitted on the screens of their own countries. All of them were considered normal, every-day descriptions of life in many other nations. And within those areas, none of the scenes, whether native or imported, were thought to be obscene.

Historians, their eyes on universal trends in both morality and social culture, have long commented on the Puritan outlook of the United States. They have proven conclusively, that we insist on a series of standards for ourselves in public, that we make no pretense of obeying in private. We live under a series of conventions that all of us recognize as merely formal means of expressing the obvious.

Within our sacrosanct borders, the kiss is everything. Never, heaven preserve us, shall we show one iota more. Regardless of how the audience itself may behave, either in the theater itself, or afterwards, never shall we depict on the screen a like behavior. The kiss, and only the kiss is allowed.

Well then, let us stick to the kiss. On these pages we give you a fair sample of the methods by which the kiss is performed. More than likely, they are the ways in which you, yourself, kiss.

They range in passion from the utmost innocence, to outright violence; from debauchery to love’s first dream; from tenderness to vicious cruelty. Yet all of them, the purest and most degraded alike, fell before the censor’s shears. All of them were considered too hot, too obscene, too pornographic for the pure minds of our home-grown innocents.

People kiss in a hundred different ways. With few exceptions, they are perfectly legitimate methods of expressing affection. Why then, can’t they be shown, publicly?

Man’s Adventure
believes that they can and should. We honestly feel that there isn’t one iota of badness in any of these scenes.

Now we get to the part of the post where, if ErosBlog were the usual sort of clickbait ad-supported eyeball-farm operation that prevails these days, I’d put each of the HOT! CENSORED! KISSES! on its own page and make you click through those pages one weary page after the other, loading my modest ad banners each time and multiplying my impression-fu with those shithead bannerlords who think they run the internet. But I’m not doing that. Life is too fucking short. You could support my Patreon though; even a one-dollar pledge helps me flip this particular bird at the bannerlords — and it’s assuredly more than they would ever pay me!

Let’s move on to the kisses. Captions are as they appeared in the magazine. Here they are:

From the film One Summer of Happiness -- a scene of young love in a first wild surge of emotion

OK Nero was primarily a dream picture -- here the hero imagines the excitement

another Swedish masterpiece The Naked Night gives a picture of a violent embrace on a cabin floor

In The Mask Of Korea, Erich von Stroheim appears as an actor -- he chokes his love as he kisses her

Zazu Pitts and Gibson Gowand in a scene from Erich von Stroheim's old time classic production Greed.

The Italian motion picture The Sins  of the Borgias made an honest effort to show the period as it was

Boy and girl relax together in the  Swedish movie Monika -- only the  position of the boy was censorable

Another scene from Sins of the Borgias displays the wild parties so common in the fifteenth century

The German movie The Wedding March gives an example of the unnatural love so common on the Continent

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July 7th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Porndoe HD BDSM Videos

I recently upgraded to a large wide-format computer monitor that was a fortuitous three-dollar yard sale discovery. It was seven years old and covered in cobwebs, but it was also in never-used condition once I brushed away the spiders and peeled the factory-original protective plastic film off the vent louvers, so… winning! On a big monitor like this there’s rather quite a lot happening visually all at the same time when I go to a premium tube-style video clip-viewing site, as when I might want to watch HD BDSM videos on Porndoe:

porndoe bdsm category screenshot

Porndoe is a modern-style tubelike video delivery site, with generous clips of high-quality porn. Brands — at least in the BDSM category — are mostly ones I recognize; in addition to standard US brands like Wasteland and some of the and Intersec channels, there is a fair amount of glossy Eurokink on display, in that sleek and colorful but not-unduly-kinky style that has grown up in recent years as the will-work-for-cheap East-European porn models have started eating regular meals and stopped (if I may be forgiven for saying this) mostly looking as if they were surviving on a diet of found cigarette butts and mineral water. It’s a welcome development! The marriage of German kinkiness with Czech and Ukrainian beauty that has come to typify a lot of European bondage porn in recent years is a heavenly match for porn consumers who are also unabashed perverts, at least in my not-so-humble opinion and speaking as one of the aforesaid unabashed perverts.

Like a lot of modern tube-like sites, Porndoe evidently has close relationships with numerous porn producers: relationships that translate, for you, into “premium” membership opportunities where your paid premium participation at Porndoe is similar in effect to having subscriptions to a whole bunch of porn sites with which Porndoe does business. These relationships also enable specialty channels that feature high-quality collections of material from particular porn producers. For example, at Porndoe you can visit the BadTime Stories channel, a premium offering advertised at Porndoe with 19 free videos and approximately 1600 free bondage and BDSM photos that are set in various stylish German dungeon play-spaces. Further offerings from this producer are for premium members only, but the trial (at least) is very inexpensive.

badtime stories photo sample

Fans of VR will be pleased to hear that there are also more than 200 VR scenes available on Porndoe, which I mention because there’s still not so much out there for the the headset crowd, as many of you let me know every time I write about VR. Enjoy!

porndoe banner

July 6th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

“Well, That’s Terrorism For You”

header panel from she's the ransom by erosarts

Over the holiday weekend my indefatigable friend and patron Dr. Faustus launched his new Fabulae Atroces Fausti series with a dark little comic book called She’s The Ransom. Fair warning, Faustus is at some pains to have us all know in advance of reading that this is not a happy-fun piece of art:

“She’s the Ransom” isn’t Erotic Mad Science. It’s something more like erotic horror. Or an attempt at a contemporary realization of the old-fashioned shudder pulps. Or it’s a dark vision of things that are soon to come. The blurb I wrote for the copy deposited at the Internet Archive reads as follows:

In a near-future dystopia, a gang of rebels abduct a rich, politically-influential man and his wife and use them as actors in a macabre piece of political theater. This work is a short comic book. It contains violence and explicit sexual content and is not suitable for minors.

If that weren’t enough warning, the new comic has already attracted reader complaints, not the least of which is that it has “an incomplete and just fucked up narrative”. I’d argue with “incomplete” myself — I think it’s actually a chillingly-intricate little comic — but “fucked up” I would cheerfully grant, even if I think the noose and the knife on the front cover should have been sufficient warning for anyone.

bondage panel from she's the ransom by erosarts

Like many of Dr. Faustus’s comic book projects, Faustus wrote the script and the illustration is by Erosarts.

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July 5th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

A Vigorous Masturbation

woman masturbating vigorously with her thumb in her pussy and two fingers in her ass

From a pulpy French sex comic called Enfileuse Des Perles.

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