Michelle at Sweetness Follows bought a new dildo, and Mike, well, this is what Mike did:

“Slipped it in nice and slow, and teased her with it, giving her it in small portions, till the whole thing was inside her.

Tried out the new bottle of lube she bought, slipped my finger in her ass, and she moaned that it was on “that spot”. Kept rubbing, and fucked her with her toy, and well, she squirted.

Love that taste – still smell it on my fingers a bit…”

It’s funny, word is some women don’t like guys to lick them because they worry about the taste and smell. I can’t understand this, there’s nothing better in all the world. When I’ve got that lovely girl scent all over my face and chin and so forth, I can’t bring myself to wash my face. I’ll walk around all day, catching hints of that smell at unexpected moments and grinning like a fool every time.

Trust me, ladies — it’s not a problem.

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