Huzzah! With her unequaled flair, the One and Only Violet Blue slides from enthusing on the joys of lubed sex to announcing her new RSS feed:

I know that everyone within a 10-mile radius of San Francisco is thinking right now, “Sex sans lube? Barbaric!” But seriously, I really need to make a point out of this — sex is great without it (mmm, friction), but it’s slippery and slick and yummy and Nirvana-achieving when you use lube.

There are a couple reasons I’m bringing this up. One reason is that if you rubbed your mouse ever-so-carefully over the sensitive bits of my blog today, you’ll notice, well, that she’s a bit more excitable now. Eager, if you will. That’s because we’ve gone all RSS/atom on you.

There’s more on the, er, ins and outs of lubes, and other juicy items too.

And gents, it isn’t too late to submit your photo for tomorrow’s Top Cock. I’ve gotten some yummy entries…..and some that look, just, weird. Guys, if you want to impress a girl with your tool, whether in the flesh or in the photo, odd color distortions aren’t the way to do it. A picture of a penis that looks like it’s dotted pink and yellow isn’t hot. :(