I realize that the casual reader is going to be distracted by the impending figging (“Ginger? Why’s he peeling ginger? Where’s it going?”), but to me the fantastic part of this post is the multi-tasking ability of the man in question. Here he’s managing to keep up the old in-out-in-out while doing a tricky task involving manual dexterity and a sharp implement:

This time I have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen. Something we’d been discussing for a while. He runs out to the living room and back, and returns to fucking me. However, this time he’s rearranged the garbage can, and is peeling a chunk of ginger at the same time…. Some ginger juice got dripped on my back, and it was just this nice pleasant sharp cold sensation, like rubbing alcohol on healthy skin. Soon that same sensation was in my crotch as he was fucking me. I remember being a little concerned about whether it would be hurting him or not, but mostly thinking that I was enjoying it. Soon the ginger was ready and he was pressing it against me.

From here via Figging.com.

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