I am today announcing the availability of the ErosBlog Image Badge, which is a sort of widgety badge or banner that anyone can grab and put in their blog sidebars to display the most recent picture that’s on ErosBlog:

The idea, which feels a bit pretentious to me but which has been requested by a number of people, is to provide an easy (and hopefully attractive) way for owners and users of other sites to see at a glance when I’ve got new “dirty” pictures up.

The ErosBlog Image Badge won’t always show the most recent picture, because I’m going to try to limit these thumbs to the images that are attractive, soft-core, and friendly to the thumbnail format. But it should update with a new picture once or twice a week.

I’ve tried to make the Badges easy to use — it’s just a snippet of html to put in your blog sidebar (or wherever). Images come off my server and are updated automatically, so the Badges are zero maintenance for you.

If you want an ErosBlog Image Badge for your site, just follow this link and copy the code you see into your sidebar template code at the spot you want the Badge to appear. The badge needs a space at least 160 pixels wide; if you try to put it into a sidebar narrower than that, things could get ugly or broken. The badge will try to center itself in whatever space you put it; if that doesn’t work for you, you’ll need to tweak it.

If you’re a genuine glutton for punishment, this link gives you similar code for a much taller Badge showing the most recent three badge images:

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments. Enjoy!