When I first saw the following photo sequence, I thought for a moment that Kinkerbelle had somehow fallen in with a schismatic sect of Baptist nudists. I mean, it’s not entirely inconceivable, is it? You take some full immersionists who want to be, like, really sure that your soul has been washed clean of sin, and maybe the idea is, wearing robes isn’t the best way to take the most important bath of your life?




Alas, my flight of fancy was soon punctured. Kinkerbelle “merely” went to a kinky luau party, and writes “It is indeed a rush to have someone’s breath in the palm of your hand.”

Which is fine, and all, but still a let-down. Wouldn’t it be a richer world, that had nudist Baptists in it?

(I am now taking positions in the betting pool for how many minutes it is until somebody makes a comment telling me how wrong wrong WRONG — on the Internetz, ZOMG! — I am due to not knowing about the rich traditions of naked baptism among the [group of people] during the [timeframe] in [state, region, or country]. Side bets will also be accepted on whether such a comment happens before or after someone tries to lecture me about insufficient respect for religion.)

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