Given my technophilia it was a given that I would read Bacchus’s In Thrall to the Machines post from yesterday, and equally given that I would follow the link for the Hitachi Magic Wand whereupon, on a page dominated by a comely nude model prominently displaying Hitachi’s doubtless fine product, my eyes were drawn straight away to…

For North American use only, on 110-120 volts. Do not use with a voltage converter. Any use outside of North America voids warranty.

And immediately I started wondering “Oh yeah? What happens if I do use a voltage converter? Are the untoward consequences legal in nature? Technical? Sexual?” (Note: I am not recommending anyone actually try this.)

And why am I looking at this piece of text and not at the pretty girl? Hmm. Do I have perhaps…unorthodox obsessions?


Though the second thing that came to mind was perhaps a little more normal, at least for anyone who was an adolescent guy once.

earth women

As the robot famously said to human paramour “Earth women who experience sexual ecstasy with mechanical assistance always tend to feel guilty.”

Not anymore, apparently. Good.

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