@MollyRen: “Think the email messages you get on dating sites suck? It’s worse if you’re black.”

Not something I’d considered. Despite having practiced a long list of internet follies, I’ve never actually seriously attempted to use a dating site. My impression is that the experience sucks for pretty much everybody. So, mass suckage. Which people wade through the way they wade-through any other necessary-but-unpleasant process (like, say, moving apartments or finding a job).

But just because it sucks for everybody doesn’t mean it can’t suck worse for some than it does for others.

Meet real Kia and fake Kia:

kia and erin

Yes, boys and girls, Kia put up more or less the same profiles, two of them, using her friend Erin’s picture (“Erin. So cute. White.” on one, and her own (“Me. Cute…like a cabbage-patch kid. Black.”) on the other. Hilarity (of the “laugh because it beats punching holes in drywall” variety) ensues.

One man’s assessment — rare for you to see here, because I am a big believer in the “all women are beautiful” school of thought — is that Kia speaks fairly when she uses “cute” to describe both herself and her friend Erin. Neither picture shows a movie-actress Great Beauty, but I’m seeing two friendly-looking people both of whom are squarely in the middle of the bell curve of human attractiveness.

People, it’s rough out there. Try and take care of each other, okay?