Y’all know that Kink.com is one of my favorite porn companies. But I gotta ask, what’s up with the dick on a long stick?

This latest example comes from The Upper Floor, but you can see it at any of their sites … and I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else in porn. Still, it’s obviously a porn thing:

Cherry Torn sucking on a dildo at the end of a long stick

closeup of Cherry Torn mouthing a rubber dick on a stick

I have some theories to explain the dick on a stick, but I don’t know if they are the right ones. For instance:

  1. the dick on a stick allows them to show a lot of penetration in scenes that are mostly girl/girl, no male model needed;
  2. the dick on a stick allows them to show penetration from angles where an attached man would obscure the camera shot;
  3. the dick on a stick allows them to show penetrations that are rougher and more vigorous than could be easily managed with a dick attached to a man; or
  4. the dick on a stick allows photographers and directors to participate directly in shoots without being visible on camera.

But weighing against all that is a more fundamental question: Who actually wants to see a dick on a stick?

If porn is about satisfying the fantasies of the viewer, who are the viewers who fantasize about a dick on a stick, either giving or receiving? If this were a fetish, wouldn’t there be written dick-on-a-stick fantasies? (I know, I know, Rule 34. Somebody will probably find some written dick-on-a-stick porn and link it in the comments, in an attempt to prove they have better porn-fu than me. Cool, knock yourself out, we all benefit.) Let’s hear it, readers: Do dicks on sticks do anything for you?

If I should be so fortunate as to have this blog post read by any of the Kink.com creative people who are responsible for stick-dicking porn, I’d be delighted to hear why you make it and what your impressions are of the target purchasing audience for it.

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