When people ask (and they do, which is bizarre, but there it is) for vibrator advice, I always mention the Hitachi Magic Wand because it seems to have so many raving female fans. I just found another one:

The hitachi is my very most favorite sex toy, bar none. I broke three rabbits, bought other cute and buzzy things. I always thought that the hitachi was for grandmas. And then…I saw it in enough kink.com vids (seriously) that I became obsessed with knowing if it was really that good.

For Valentine’s day this year, I bought myself a hitachi. I then proceeded to come 18 times in one session (maybe 20-30 minutes long) and 19 times in 10 minutes the following day. I’m sort of inclined to multiples (not every woman is, and there’s nothing wrong with that) but HOLY GOD.

In short: Yes, I think the hitachi is THAT GOOD.

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