So, the other day I was more than a little bit horrified to discover that a fellow pilot in my internet spaceship game was flying a virtual space battleship while driving an automobile somewhere out there among you, the unsuspecting automotive public. This became clear when he spoke on voice coms and we heard traffic noise around him.

I am sorry. I wish he would not do that. We all yelled at him and told him to stop.

He did not stop. In fact, he told us to fuck off.

I thought it could get no worse than that, until I saw this story from ABC, about the woman who got in an accident because she was shaving her (ahem) “bikini area” while driving. Or, if you want to be fussy about it, while sitting in the driver’s seat working the pedals; her ex-husband was actually doing the steering, from the passenger side. So, kind of a joint effort. (That may be a pun — it would not surprise me.)

Did I mention she was heading for a hot date with her boyfriend? Cogitate for a moment on the sexual politics of that.