Of ever again speaking to you, that is. Just show her this article, and give a good “hardy-har-har” when you do it:

how to cure a feminist

That’s right me boyos and cheloveks, stop combing your knuckles long enough to read this article, and you too can learn the secrets of how to “turn a militant protesting unshaven vegan into an actual girl!” Woot, I say, and I say again, woot!

The Tumblr where I found this offers its own sarcastic recipe for a feminism “cure”, structured like the Underpants Gnomes meme from South Park:

Step 1: Show article to woman.

Step 2: Peel woman off ceiling.

Step 3: Wait until she stops spitting and cussing. Offer makeup sex on behalf on entire male gender.

Step 4: Retire to man-cave until balls heal.

Step 5: Profit?

The clipping from Maxim magazine dates from 2003, which is about a year before I stopped even thumbing through the FHM/Maxim style lad-mags on the news stand. Are they still this bad? Do they even still exist?

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