Violet Blue has another post up in her ongoing blog conversation about the fashion industry using the visual language of kink. This one features two ridiculously overdressed ladies in a corral, standing imperiously over a trussed-up cowboy who is staked out with his legs apart and has just had a branding iron applied to his ass. Remarks Violet: “Tell me that if this photoset was gender-reversed, Jezebel wouldn’t implode.” (Cf. The Modern Empress.)

I couldn’t possibly speculate about that. But what I can do is share some horrible/wonderful female domination comic panels drawn by the late Eric Stanton, of which I was reminded by our humiliated cowboy victim of high fashion. These panels and pages (some of the panels below will expand to the full pages if you click ’em) come, I believe but cannot swear, from Stanton’s regular Stantoons publication. Sadly, I don’t have bibliographic information for you — there were a lot of Stantoons, and I don’t know which one this story was published in.

The story features a western sheriff named Sam. Sam’s a racist and shit-head, I think it’s safe to say; he’s got an Indian wife, name of Red Gazelle, but at one point in the comic he denies he’s her husband, because “we just had the Injun ceremony, and I just wanted your body.” As you can see, he doesn’t treat her very well, either:

Sheriff Sam berates and whips his bound Indian wife Red Gazelle. This will prove to be a bad idea.

It is pertinent at this time to remind our readers that Eric Stanton typically drew female domination comics. Stay tuned for a change in the fortunes of our female protagonist. In other words, don’t panic.

Skipping rapidly along to the good part, if you can call it that, Sam the Shithead Sheriff soon meets a brazen outlaw woman named Belle Star. At first he wants to arrest her for the reward, but he soon decides he’d rather seduce her. While doing so, he keeps Red Gazelle on the end of a rope and continues to treat her badly; she fumes and grows both angry and jealous. It doesn’t take long, meanwhile, for Sam’s natural lack of charm to become obvious to Belle:

Belle Star finds the sheriff tiresome

So she thwacks him once upside the head with her riding crop, and in the peculiar nature of these femdom fantasies, he abruptly becomes her sniveling worm and abject slave.

Well! That instantly cures Red Gazelle of any jealously; she reasons that if he’s so weak, he’s not worth it. Now she’s just mad about the mistreatment. So she gets herself untied and joins in on the worm-stomping party. It doesn’t take long for her and Belle to decide to fire up the forge and avail themselves of the branding irons, either:

Belle Star brands the sheriff while he begs and pleads

The reason his ass looks furry is that in one panel (not shown here) they spanked him with a cactus. Seriously.

They carry on with the irons for awhile:

branding the sheriff

The story’s a western, though, so eventually it draws to a close, and there’s a tender “they ride off into the sunset” scene. You might say this one is tenderer than most:

branded sheriff bumping his sore ass to tucson

And, no, I do not know why Red Gazelle decided to keep him.

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