I know people who used to have a key to one or another of the Playboy Clubs, back in their heyday. But they are unanimous in reporting that the bunnies just brought drinks. There was none of this sort of thing going on:

bunny on her knees in the champagne room

So of course I had to track down the pic. It turns out to be from a modern fashion pic, shot for a publication called L’Officiel Hommes China. In the same spread there’s also a dominant-ish cheerleader shot, just to confuse the people Violet was talking about who got pissed off about the Glee-actors locker room fluffery:

cheerleader standing over dude on a bed

[Interestingly, there is a much better source link for these pictures at a fashion website called Fashionisto, that appears to exist for the sole purpose of reproducing magazine fashion spreads in loving detail. Only trouble is, Fashionisto doesn’t “get” the internet; they seem to have disabled deep linking, by redirecting all internal URLs to their front page. So, fuck ’em.]

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