Always Aroused Girl has posted a horrifying exchange she had with a guy on a dating site. His scintillating 20-character initial contact greeting?

“show me u can squirt”

It doesn’t get any better from there.

I left a comment musing on the possible merits of this “cheap as sperm” contact strategy. You know, it might work (depending on how you define “work”) if he sends it to enough women…

While I was posting that, I remembered a probably-apocryphal story I heard when I was a kid, still too young, in theory, to be worrying about picking up girls.

In those days, short term sex hookups (which weren’t called that) were mostly arranged in bars, the web not having been invented yet. Pickup lines were much discussed and mocked, and guys paid some attention to optimal strategies for arranging “one night stands”.

I kept hearing (“friend of a friend” style) persistent rumors about a guy who couldn’t be bothered with pickup lines and buying drinks for the ladies. Supposedly his schtick was to just walk up and ask “Wanna fuck?” Usually, he’d get a cold stare; sometimes (this being before the days when minor, provoked personal violence was considered a matter for police and courts) he’d get a slap in the face.

Which he would take in stride, before going up to the next prospect: “Wanna fuck?” Rinse, lather, repeat.

Supposedly, he never slept alone.

Urban legend? Very possibly.