There’s a risk this will reinforce some of the negative memes that were in that yucky Atlantic article, but I’m going to post it anyway, because it strikes me as honest and unfiltered, and because it illuminates something about men that many women don’t act as if they are aware of. A lot of us men have sexual narratives like this running in our heads a lot of the time, not necessarily narratives as aggressive or as self-possessed as this, but running nonetheless:

99% of most days I wake up with an insanely raging hard on, something my new girlfriend rarely understands or helps relieve. She always has to run to work, and I watch her most mornings get dressed in heels and a dark skirt, toying with me.

I often fantasize about jumping her as she’s leaving, pulling her back by her hair and dragging her to the couch, ripping off her clothes and fucking her, bent over the table, forcefully, never letting go of her hair. After a little while, I’d pull out, force her to her knees and then cum all over her face and blouse.

She’d obviously have to take another shower.

But I mean, she’d only be a little late, right?

From Don’t Move.