What do folks with great artistic talent do when they’re not on the employer’s clock? Well here’s an example. Illustrator Nate Wragg has done a lot of work for Pixar, including backgrounds and concept art (I believe especially on the end titles for Ratatouille.) And he has also done this:

Nate Brag woman collecting machine

An explanatory caption tells us what is going on here:

Use Technology to Collect the Women. Mission Briefing: A planet from a distant galaxy has been discovered. It is said to be inhabited by the most beautiful women in the universe. Upon our arrival, it’s possible these beauties may be hostile and resist our peaceful advances. If we are to bring them back to our world, we must use technology to collect the women!

It’s from From The Ancient Book of Sex and Science, a book edited by Scott Morse and just full of this sort of thing. (There’s a Boing Boing article on it here.and an additional charming review here.)

Suctioning up women? I should say that Nate Wragg’s contributing to my world now…

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