There’s an obscure branch of the spanking community that you’ll stumble on if you spend too much time on the internet, like me. It’s called “Christian Domestic Discipline” and it features spousal spankings (almost always for the wife) in the name of fostering marital harmony. Google it if you like; I am not making this up.

You should know…just for the record…that Christian DD proponents usually claim that these spankings are neither erotic nor sexual; the man in such a relationship typically claims that he does not enjoy administering these spankings and receives no erotic charge from doing so, considering it instead something of an onerous but worthwhile duty. Spend much time reading the forums and kinky websites where erotic spanking enthusiasts hang out, though, and you’ll find these claims treated with friendly derision. Spanking people assume that Christian DD practitioners are, not to put to fine a point on it, fooling themselves — cloaking a bog-standard spanking fetish in worthy-sounding rhetoric, so they don’t have to “own” their fetish, even to themselves.

I give you all that background so that you’ll understand why I found this YouTube clip so entertaining. In it, Australian TV comic John Safran flies to Alabama to interview some Christian DD practitioners and learn about Christian spanking. He brings along pretty actress Kristen Condon so that he’ll have someone to practice his spanking on, and he conducts the interview with that pretension of sincerity that got Steven Colbert his start, but without so much biting mockery. The result is, to my eye, just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on Australian TV (which is helped by the fact that I’ve never seen Australian TV before):

[YouTube embed broken and removed. Archive link here.]

Thanks to Spanking Flicks for finding this.

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