You know those buff military-looking guys who are always going out in the woods. A lot of time they’re even on the government payroll when they do it. They say it’s for “military exercises” or “a training retreat” or “team building exercises” or something sensible-sounding like that. But what are they really doing out there in the woods, where there are no women and the normal rules don’t apply?

men in the woods wrestling and capturing

You know it — they’re playing capture games. Chasing, hiding, ambushing, wrestling, winning, losing, stripping, getting tied up:

naked male bondage

And yeah, the losers pay quite a forfeit too. You know exactly what I mean. Funny thing is, they tell themselves this is not gay. To them, it’s just how you tell the winners and losers apart.

Picture credits: Bound Gods. More in this shoot.

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