Lately I have been using my electronic reader in a way perhaps not foreseen by the manufacturer, nor yet by the huge publishing mega-corps who still hope to profit in this new virtual publishing world. I have been obtaining (by methods best left obscure in this space, although readers wise in the ways of the internet will have no trouble mentally filling in the blank) long out-of-print pornographic novels, cleaning them up (especially their famously-insufficient metadata) with the help of Google and Calibre, and assembling them into collections for my own amusement.

Although only sometimes erotic, I find these ancient stroke books to be fascinating social artifacts. Deliberately, defiantly, and scurrilously politically-incorrect even in their own era, they can sometimes be breathtakingly racist and sexist to the modern eye. The titles alone are often sufficient to demonstrate these qualities — and yet, there’s always interest (at least to me) in seeing how the porn of 40 years ago differs from that of today.

Today’s example is Nazi Joy Camp, by Eric Jurgens (LLP-133, Liverpool Library Press, 1972):

The young man he had spoken to approached the table, his eyes gleaming and the muscles of his huge young shoulders massed into cords of muscles. He lowered his blond head over the upraised mounds of white flesh and without hesitation sunk his mouth over her left breast. Ruth could see the slight upward thrust of Beth’s stomach as she apparently felt the teeth bite into her virgin flesh. Her own breasts suddenly felt warm and tense, the first such sensation she had ever had. She watched and listened.

“You should kiss and suck gently,” the Direktor said almost clinically, then took his hand and put it on the back of the boy’s head and pushed down hard. “Now nip your teeth into her, gently!” he leeringly told the boy.

“Aaaaaagh,” Beth screamed. The noise piercing the whole room. Her whole body shuddered but she was unable to move much. Her feet were securely locked into the cup stirrups and her arms were strapped alongside her. The Direktor was furious. He spoke sharply to the nurse and she flew to the head of the table with another gauze mask and slapped it hard down against Beth’s face.

Nazi Joy Camp pornographic novel from 1972

“That’s enough,” the Direktor laughed, pulling the boy’s head away from her white, now quivering breast. Then, to all of them, “You see how the nipple has hardened?” He took it teasingly in his fingers again and squeezed it so that it stood hard and straight. “It does not take much and it is a source of pleasure.”

The Direktor motioned for the young man who had been biting the lush whiteness of Beth’s firm young breasts to move to the end of the table. Then, ordered him to drop his shorts. Ruth gasped when she saw the huge white prick that hung thick and heavy between his legs. She had never before in all her young life imagined that anyone could have something like that growing there.

As Ruth watched, the boy grasped his thick cockshaft in one hand, lifted it to a horizontal position, and began to stroke it slowly. It swelled even thicker, began to stiffen, and now she could see the helmet shape of the knob clearly outlined beneath the skin.

The boy fisted his now fully erect shaft, drawing the foreskin back, exposing the fat purple glans.

She looked closely and saw the head of it and the small bit of clear moisture that gleamed on the end of the large, smooth head. She noticed the dark veins that ran the length of his huge cock, and gasped in fright when she realized suddenly that he was going to force the mammoth organ into the small pink slit nestled between Beth’s upraised thighs.

The boy was ordered forward by the doctor and he stood at the end of the table, his huge prick throbbing and standing straight out from his body, pointing at the small pink slit that was gleaming with beads of moisture from the warm wetness of the oil that had been used to lubricate it before the Direktor had him insert the head of his cock between the soft hair-lined lips of the girl’s vagina, then made him stop. He then summoned the other three boys and placed them about the table, directing one of them to put his mouth on her left breast, another of them to sink his mouth onto her right breast, and the third youth to stand at the head of the table. Beth moved slightly as the two mouths were sunk into her breasts. She appeared to Ruth to be trying to move her loins away from the throbbing prick of the first boy, but it was of no use. She was too securely strapped onto the table.

“Now,” the Direktor said, moving slightly away from the table. “You, Kurt, are to enter her slowly…”

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