My sporadic series in honor of ErosBlog’s upcoming tenth anniversary continues. We already did 2002 and 2003, now here are some of the “best of” posts from 2004:

  • “If you don’t love pussy THIS MUCH…” Dumb young men.
  • Definitely the highlight of 2004 for me was when The Nymph and I had our first visit. I’d been lonely for a long time before that. I don’t know if anybody but me ever got the joke where I linked a .wav file of Gerald Ford saying “Our long national nightmare is over.” But it still makes me grin! The Nymph In My Net: Oh What Fun
  • Eight dollars very well spent. Funny thing, this handy kitchen tool vanished from our lives quite soon thereafter, and was never seen again! The Nymph In My Net: Ticklish
  • Remember when sex bloggers were such hot media properties that tabloid reporters were going around offering cash money for tips that would help them identify the anonymous ones? Kind of funny how quaint that seems now, but it wasn’t funny to the (mostly female) bloggers who were the targets, back in the day: Tabloid Sleaze Emails
  • All these years later and I still can’t think of a better example of why “I read about it on the internet” is such an insufficient justification for trying out a new idea: “Honest, Officer, It Was Marital Advice I Read On A Blog”
  • Men and women. I think it’s Samuel Johnson I’m plagiarizing from when I say “two species divided by a common language.” I’m moved to steal that joke by this post featuring a woman fretting incomprehensibly over the aesthetics of blowjobs: The Blowjob Letters: A Correspondence With Aliens
  • Remember that innocent age when it was actually news that the laws designed to protect children were being used to punish and stigmatize them, instead? Sadly, these days this is just routine, it doesn’t even make headlines: 15 Year Old Girl Criminally Charged For Self Abuse
  • Sometimes guys can be real dicks. But sometimes they just need to be educated: A Basic Rule For Gentlemen
  • All these years later, I still can’t believe somebody actually complained that “My child’s head literally exploded.” Kid Views Oprah, Head Explodes
  • Sometimes in writing this blog I’ve managed to be controversial in ways I never intended. For instance: Markets In Sex, Redux
  • This post is noteworthy because it’s the first appearance of what I’ve since learned to call Bacchus’s First Rule Of The Internet: Why Blogging Services Suck
  • This post features one of the most memorable comments ever left on ErosBlog: The Price Of Anal Sex
  • To date, this remains the only pop-fiction discussion of prostate milking that I’ve ever encountered: Half-Cocked Canadian
  • I think I should have titled this one “Teddy Bears And Hookers.” What I actually called it: Tales From The Nevada Desert

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