At first and second glance, this bit of computer art seems a little bit pointless. The whole point in looking at a photo (or live performance) of a contortionist is to marvel at his or her flexibility. A CG artwork of a very flexible girl doesn’t really carry the same emotional message; we already know that digital persons are infinitely flexible and extremely durable. So what’s the value of this?

bendy girl, computer graphics style

However, if you’re a man and you’re honest, you’ll recognize a standard response when you see a pic or a video of a flexi woman curling her ankles behind her neck. “That would be a lot more spectacular if she were naked, and ten times more so if she were naked in my bedroom…”

Take that a step further, and if you’re also kinky? Then it’s “if only those ankles were tied like that! My own girlfriend might be willing in spirit, but I shouldn’t bend her like that for reals because her orthopedist would chide her about the unfortunate consequences…”

And now we come to the point of this computer graphics exercise. The picture above, it turns out, is only an establishing shot. In most of the image set, our flexible digital artifact is also extremely tied up:

cg bendy girl in bondage

Thanks to Bondage Blog for finding this in the tricky-to-navigate jungles of the foreign-language interwebs.

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