Gavin Waters tied up and ready for some teasing, ruined orgasm, and orgasm denial play

Because I’m not so good at keeping up with developments in gay porn, I’ve been slow to mention the latest offering from Kink Men: a site/channel called Men on Edge, in which men tie up other men, flog them, and do other cruel things, typically culminating in painful-looking brink-of-orgasm situations not swiftly resolved.

P.S. Uhm, about that particular cruel thing close-up, with the Hitachi-style vibrator right on the tip of his penis? When I see porn where that’s being done to a woman’s clitoris, I’m of course totally cool with it, though I’m not immune to that little bit of sympathy most of us have for a willing submissive in an intense scene. But hey, guess what? When I see much the same thing being done to the sensitive head of a penis, I get a visceral sympathy reaction of the sort men get when other men are kicked in the balls: I want to cup myself protectively and cringe and tell myself reassuring stories about how that’s never going to happen to me. Is there maybe somewhere I can go, where I could get my comfortably-gendered S&M double standards back, plz kay thx bye?

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