…but if you had one, he could help!

Too much erotic mad science and a guy starts seeing it everywhere … and noting the lack of it when it’s not present where it ought to be. Take, for instance, the pornographers responsible for Sexually Broken, a new-ish site (elevator pitch: more kinky sex, less BDSM-pain, bondage “yes please!” but not quite so heavy-metal over-the-top) from the producers of the legendary/notorious InSex.com.

pretty girl in a rope harness

So, when they aren’t tying up girls and fucking ’em (that reminds me of the one that starts “The corpulent mayor of Buckingham…”) they are writing sales copy:

Ariel X, Destiny Jaymes and Penny Pax came to visit us this week. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they want. They are young, hot, and their sex drives are out of control. We have just what they need, too…

Well, sure. But wouldn’t your enterprise be improved if you had one of those newfangled machines that can watch people while they sleep and pull images out of their dreams? Maybe you guys DO need a scientist or two!

On the other hand, they seem to be having plenty o’ fun, even if it’s shockingly unscientific:

taking down the panties of the girl in rope bondage

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