It’s funny how these little cultural/mimetic loops can thrash about for years before eventually reifying themselves. Remember Hunting For Bambi — the great “pay to hunt women with paint guns” breathless internet scandal of 2003 that I reminisced about a few months ago? That turned out to be real (as in, there was a porn made on that theme) but fake (there apparently weren’t any paying customers to do the hunting) and maybe-fake (it’s unclear if anybody actually ran naked through the woods getting shot at with paint guns, ouch).

Time marches on. Culture marches on. Memes breed and migrate and breed some more. The guys who used to do the once-notorious bondage sex site are still out there. And so a decade passes until we get this, in connection with what is, I’m guessing from other hints in the twitter feed, a shoot for BDSM porn site Hard Tied:

Cultural/memetic progression doesn’t happen in a vacuum, of course. Notice in the final tweet the reference to the credit card processors? Even your porn is subject to the influence of the ogliarchic mega-banking corporations.

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