Here’s Emily Nagoski on what it’s like when the famous and fabulous Annie Sprinkle comes to campus to give sex tarot readings:

I expected her to be fabulous. She was. But beyond the fabulous was the warmth, the welcoming, the openness, the inclusiveness, the eagerness to connect, to give something of value to each of the students who swarmed around her perimeter, watching, attendant, like damp, frozen children waiting for cocoa after an afternoon in the snow.

So it was The Annie Show all the way, but she noticed that and she created space for us other sex educators to read Tarot with her, see, because she’s a cup of cocoa after playing in the snow; she is the mittens drying on the radiator; she’s whipped cream on the tip of your nose. And so I sat next to Annie as she engaged with each student, limitless in her welcome.

She would explain a card and then say to the student, “What do YOU think?” And then she would look at me and say, “What do YOU think?” And she would smile and say, “Wow, you’re good!” And I would get all warm inside. Because cocoa.

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