It’s a frequent trope of lazy pornographers to speak of someone being “trained” to enjoy a sexual practice. Sometimes this might be something rough and BDSM-y, but often it’s just anal or even oral sex, which as we all know, a great many people manage to enjoy without any “training” whatsoever. Although I have been known to go along with the trope (because I, too, can be lazy) I try to avoid buying into it too much, because it bothers me a bit. What I don’t like is the implication that people (usually women, in the porn I look at) inherently don’t or won’t enjoy these things, and it’s only the man and his training tools (typically, a whip or a paddle or an inhumanly large and energetic cock) that convert her into a happy sexual being.

Which is why I laughed at a Twitter exchange I saw not so long ago. Some twitterer with porn to sell offered up this unexceptional line of porn selling prose:

Penny Pax anal babe is bdsm trained to take thick cock in her ass for our pleasure http:[link] @Penny_Pax #bdsm #training #anal

I never would have known about this except that some Penny Pax fan partially retweeted it with an editorial comment that made me laugh. The fan-tweet must also have amused Penny herself, since she then retweeted the retweet into my timeline:

@Penny_Pax “…is bdsm trained to take thick cock in her ass for our pleasure” Ha. That’s like “training” gravity to pull things to earth. ;-)

It says something about men (or at least, about male pornographers) that we’re often more comfortable with the narrative of a woman “trained” to like our kinky shit than we are with the narrative of a woman who’s as eager for it as we are.

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