I’m always alert for new ways to get web traffic, but I have to admit, putting up ErosBlog eBooks on Amazon never occurred to me:

Sure, a quick longtail search on Google for “Busty lactating MILFs doing the Balinese Monkey Chant with dildos” will still hit the first listing (if such a site exists!), but the more generic words people use for adult entertainment now lead to squeaky clean sites, with hard working pornographers thrown under the bus. Tumblr, Huffpo, Pinterest, blogger.com and so many other SFW outlets for adult entertainment producers have now piled on, resulting in a pressing need for anyone trying to attract surfers to either a steamy sex site, blog or just about anything else to have to explore new options to come into “the back door”, as it were.

Now, I’m certainly no SEO expert, but a quick Google search tells me that to spread an adult message, the top two places that get listing are Wikipedia and Amazon. As everyone else probably figured this out even faster than I did, the marketing focus obviously needs to be getting listed on those websites. Wikipedia, also knowing this, is now sealed up tighter than a drum of toxic radioactive waste for new pages that have even a hint of ways new pages might lead to porn… Leaving eBooks as a low-hanging fruit for spreading your message and adult company branding by releasing SFW content for mainstream eyballs.

Talk about the “Law Of Unintended Consequences”! In what traditionally was a well-run, ethical industry of primarily female authors making a decent living from writing steamy erotica for pulp and eBooks, is now being inundated by frustrated website operators that suspect if they compile some erotic stories buried in there member area since 2001 and publish as an eBook, the traffic will flow back in from the bi-line branding. Sure. Why not? Most of that is going to be crap anyway, and the savvy romantic and erotic reader shoppers at Amazon and B&N know how to spot a real author and avoid the obvious link bait compilations of recycled blog junk.

Of course by the time a tactic like that gets noticed and talked about, whatever data silo is getting SEO-targeted is already taking countermeasures. So, too late for you and me I’m sure.

The above quote is from Amazon, B&N Dragged Into The Corporate Porn Censorship Wave. That article also contains updated news about Amazon’s handling of erotic eBooks (remember when a story about that first got me up onto my Pornocalypse hobbyhorse?) to the effect that Amazon has joined Barnes & Noble and Apple in removing best-selling erotica titles from its best-seller lists. It looks and sounds like cutting off your nose to spite your face, but it’s the new corporate done thing when it comes to smut.

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