It is the time of year when Dr. Faustus rolls out his annual Squick Or Squee extravaganza, which consists of his practice of commissioning (with actual payment of money!) and publishing art both erotic and (to some at least) disturbing, for everyone’s viewing pleasure and/or distress. (See also Infernal Wonders, where it’s “Squick or Squee” the whole fine year around.)

You can imagine why “squick or squee” came to mind when Bondage Blog posted one of these crazed, creepy, and utterly delightful Halloween pictures:

crucifixion of a bondage model with a pumpkin on her head posed as a scarecrow

summoning the great pumpkin with a crucified bondage sacrifice

jack-o-lantern carved Halloween pumpkin serves as a bondage hood for crucified sacrificial scarecrow

For me it’s a definite squee. Did Charlie Brown [edit: make that Linus] grow up to be a pervert who finally knows he’s hit upon the proper way to summon the Great Pumpkin? Has this woman been kidnapped for sacrifice to a pagan god? Do we have particularly fearsome birds in these parts, whose scaring away requires especially spectacular scarecrows? Only your pornographer knows for sure! He’s Matt Williams at Sexually Broken, exposing the model known as Darling. (I wonder how long it took her to get the last of the pumpkin seeds out of her sinuses?) I, for one, applaud anybody who is willing to make porn that doesn’t look boringly like all the other porn out there. At that — at least — this Sexually Broken photoshoot is a triumph.

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