I’ve noticed an increasing volume of Scooby Doo porn in recent years, especially featuring Velma, who is iconic as an orange sweater-girl with a lot going on under her sweater.

velma getting ready to snoop into an abandoned warehouse

Thus it is perhaps appropriate that this week’s feature at Sexually Broken is a Scooby Doo parody porn movie called The Mystery Of The Abandoned Warehouse:

velma breaking and entering and putting her nose in where it doesn't belong

Plot summary: Snoopy Velma goes in, gets caught, and finds herself in all kinds of hard-core trouble!

velma is caught by the bad guys

pinching Velma's nipples through her sweater

voluptuous rope bondage for Velma's amazing big round boobs

face fucking velma and pulling her hair

bondage sex for captive velma

fucking velma in bondage as she's forced to multiple orgasms

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