smoking a cigarette with her toes

In the late 1990s when eBay was still fun, before Meg Whitman decided to root out all the smut, I spent a lot of money on there buying old porn magazines by the boxload. For a brief golden hour (actually, a couple of years) the supply of old smut coming out of musty attics overwhelmed the budgets of collector-hoarders like me.

In order to support my buying habit, I took to selling stuff, just like so many other eBay-enabled collectors in that era. And one of the things I sold was erotic postcards. At that time these were often published in bound “postcard books” with one perforated edge, by Taschen and some Japanese publishers and many other mostly-overseas sources. I would buy them in via Amazon (which process required some knowledge or some willingness to gamble, because this was before most items on Amazon had good photos of anything except the book covers, which were always much tamer than the postcards inside), split the postcards out of the book (carefully trimming the perforated edge), and sell the postcards individually for $2-$5 each. And they would sell! Lord how they would sell.

Among my consistent best-sellers were postcards from a book by Eric Kroll, fetish photographer. The woman smoking with her feet at the top of this post was a crowd favorite. And that is how I learned who Eric Kroll was.

Fast forward 20 years and I see a Tweet from fetish photographer Dave Naz. It seems that Kroll is now retired and living in a house he can’t quite afford that’s jammed full of erotic art (his own and stuff he has collected). So there’s a fundraising campaign to help him keep things together until he can find an institution to take the collection. I’m a sucker for a good collection of erotic art, and since I made a little money off his work back in the day, it seems like the least I can do is share the appeal with this audience; the GoFundMe link is in Naz’s tweet.

There are some Eric Kroll prizes for generous donors, but of course that’s not really the point.

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