It’s not at all hard to find advertisements in the back of sleazier pulp magazines offering mail order at-home abortifacients. Of course it’s difficult to know what compounds would arrive in the mail for your money, especially since the ads were usually quite vague and oblique in their references to “feminine complaints” and the like. The reason this advertisement caught my eye — in addition to its ransom-note typographic aesthetic — is that for its time, it is unusually clear and explicit about the problem it promises to remedy:

mail-order abortifacients magazine advertisement

I suppose the free included “Marriage Secrets Revealed” booklet — hopefully a flier on the wonders of prophylactic contraception — is no less than your due, if you’ve just paid five bucks in 1936 dollars for your obstinate-case box of Formula XXX:


KYBO PERIODIC COMPOUND has PROVEN SUCCESSFUL in many long abnormally DELAYED menstrual cases with NO BAD AFTER
EFFECTS. Many women reporting sensational results. Mrs. L.S. writes: “It has done wonders for me.” Mrs. W.M.D.: “I have been delayed 11 weeks– Kybo brought results in 2 days.” FORMULA XX, $2 a box. For obstinate cases, FORMULA XXX, $5 a box. Orders rushed in plain wrapper. Directions enclosed. TRIAL SIZE 25c. FREE BOOKLET: “Marriage Secrets Revealed.” Quality justifies price.

KYBO PRODUCTS CO., 1109 S. State S., Dept. 127, CHICAGO

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Satisfaction with first order or your Money Refunded.

This advertisement appeared in the back pages of the December 1936 issue of Spicy Detective Stories.

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