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January 3rd, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Double Anal

It’s no crime to want your lovers to be sexually ambitious and comfortable with one another. But as always, it may be wise to be careful what you wish for:

double anal illustration

Artwork is by Ferres, via Kinky Delight, and comes from a Dofantasy comic.

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August 11th, 2023 -- by Bacchus

Cartoon Titty Fucking

woman offers her breasts for a good titjob

Despite the noted taxonomical and nomenclatural difficulties inherent to a good tittyfuck, it’s an ever-popular subject for artists and photographers. Not to mention (no, whoops, I just did) its popularity wherever dicks and tits come together in the same venue:

tit job happy ending cum facial

This breast sex artwork is by Erenisch, for the Dofantasy comic Roommates.

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December 23rd, 2022 -- by Bacchus

Face Fucked

When you’re a pretty blonde sex worker, or an undercover investigator posing as one, in the rougher favelas of Brazil, getting face fucked is just another professional skill:

face fucking blowjob

face fucked deep throat

Panels are from the Dofantasy sex comic Cidade Do Diabo Part 3 by Lesbi K. Leih.

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August 29th, 2022 -- by Bacchus

Blowjob In The Time Of Social Media

Yeah, Tommy, for fuck’s sake! Where are you going to post that blowjob snapshot anyway? You’re gonna get so banned:

her man snaps a blowjob selfie catching her by surprise while she's got his cock in her mouth

Artwork is a panel from Double Crossed 1: Bad Influence, a Dofantasy sex comic by Lesbi K. Leih.

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August 21st, 2022 -- by Bacchus

Taking A Pussy Selfie

I mean, if you truly want to get somebody’s attention, taking some pussy selfies or a quick video clip while masturbating in the restroom is very often going to be an effective way to do it:

woman in nice lingerie masturbates and fingers herself while taking cunt selfies

Panels are from Classmates: Claire’s Tale 2 from Dofantasy. Artist is Kittyhand.

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January 12th, 2022 -- by Bacchus

Horny Vampire Hunters

vampire bitch queen is about to eat some captive pussy

In the Dofantasy comic Vampire Realm by Lady Heather, there’s an evil vampire queen who keeps her castle well-stocked with tasty captives. Eventually the vampire hunters catch up with this sadistic and murderous creature, but somehow they keep getting distracted when they try to stake her properly:

double penetrated by vampire hunters

a pair of vampire hunters with epic mustaches stake a sexy vampire with their meat pole cocks

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December 29th, 2019 -- by Bacchus

Linda The Dragon

One sometimes sees “The Dragon” on those dubiously-funny lists of even-more-dubious sex acts, but it isn’t really its own thing. Instead it refers to that moment when, intentionally or accidentally, an enthusiastic act of oral sex and/or an ill-considered act of respiration results in her spurting his jizz out her nostrils. In that moment, she is said to resemble a dragon. How common all this might be outside extreme porn and even-more-extreme sex comics, I’m not in a position to say:

linda the dragon has cum spurting out her nostrils

I believe the artwork is by Zerns, whose stuff used to be published by Dofantasy.

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