I almost never link to LiveJournal sites, because they aren’t really public internet resources; a random surfer usually doesn’t have commenting privileges, and the service makes it easy to hide certain posts, password them, and play other little “it’s my treehouse and you aren’t invited” kiddie games. And it’s also been my experience that blogs hosted on blog services are much more likely to go *poof* and vanish.

I reluctantly made an exception for Vintage Sex, which was (note the past tense) a wonderful resource for vintage dirty pictures. Alas, the folks who run LiveJournal just made Vintage Sex delete essentially its entire archive and turn the site into a “closed adults community” where new posts will apparently be visible only to select LiveJournal members (“select” meaning “willing to lie about their age”). In other words, Vintage Sex has been gutted, and the steaming carcass has been evicted from the public internet.

The reason? Apparently someone sent LiveJournal an email alleging that teenagers might have viewed the site.

Vintage Sex will be missed. Moral: Anything worth doing on the internet is worth doing at your own domain that you control.

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