Ok, so that first get-together with the new internet prospect can be real awkward. We know this. But there are clues:

The constant signing of emails with master so-and-so was a huge fucking clue.

The request to call him sir after three email exchanges and one phone conversation was a clue.

The ridiculous comment that “even though I haven’t met you, I miss you — do you miss me?” was the motherfucking clue of clues.

Showing up to meet her in a public place with a fucking parrot (yes, a parrot…did I fucking stutter or something?) on his shoulder was a clue.

The couple sitting next to her who were gossiping…”

Stop! Whoa! All ahead stern! Screech! Stop the music! Nobody move!

Did she really say “parrot”?

Parrot? As in, like this?

first date parrot

In all the ink (real and virtual) that’s been devoted to “what not to do on the first date”, I don’t think anybody ever considered the need to write “Wait until the second date to introduce her to your parrot. Do not under any circumstances take take your bird when you go to meet a woman for the first time.”

Consider it written now.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like the feathery little bastards. I bought one for a girlfriend once. I don’t miss her, but I sorta do miss that bird. And, like any pet, they can be pretty good company when you’re lonely.

Remind me, why were we going on that first date again? Oh, yeah, to find another freaking human to bond with / fuck / enslave / spend time with / preen my feathers. Which of these things is not like the others?

Why do pirates take their parrots everywhere? Because they don’t have any secure place they can leave the bird without it flying away or following them. Which is the same reason they carry all their doubloons in their underwear, or bury them in a sea chest on a moonless night (not such a good option for parrot housing).

If, like a pirate, you suffer from lack of a permanent place to park your parrot, it’s best you try to conceal this factoid from your new prospective internet submissive for as long as possible.

date with a pirate and his parrot

That is all.

Well, almost all. If your internet date brings a parrot to your first meeting, you know it’s going to wind up like this:

fucking a pirate cartoon


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